Vileiskoye reservoir covered with a blue film. Photo


August 9 Belarus panic: the shores of the reservoir Vileyka nailed blue-green foam, with which the water had washed ashore and dead fish.

Indeed, what makes the poison color film on the famous site of boating country? Vileiskoye reservoir created artificially, is a favorite fishing spot of Belarus and visitors, as the reservoir is involved in the water supply of the capital of the Republic in Minsk.

While experts were engaged to testing, and analysis of water from the lake, the residents started its own investigation into the incident, which evolved into the present dispute: some say — the reservoir overtook ecological disaster, others — that the reservoir is covered by natural formations — blue-green algae.

In any case, local residents are afraid — they see a picture of the first time that the water formed a bright, acid foam. That the inhabitants of the area have sent pictures Vileyka blue lake to the editor of the Internet newspaper "Nasha Niva". Man, do not enter into the world of science, look at the photo scary footage of the reservoir and in the truth associated with technological disasters. In the images can be clearly seen that the surface of the reservoir is hard substance blue, apparently, once frothy. In something blue and roll dead fish in the sand.

By the shore, which was formed "toxic colored crust"Nearest public transport stops. There also is the police post. The first assumption, what could cause such strange formations on the water were of local people, in their opinion, the water can be poured a barrel of copper sulfate. In touch with the newspaper quickly turned public administration department of the district, its representatives immediately denied version with copper sulphate and pre-warned that the blue substance may well prove to be of natural origin.

Indeed, a well-known fact that the drying of swamps their bottoms covered a very similar substance blue. His version of the incident to advance and Ph.D. Konstantin foot: water reservoir can be just "blossom". Academic examples where blooms in Lake Radoshkovichi — It is covered with yellow-brown substance. Because of the nature and natural phenomenon "statement"Inhabitants Vilejka, they say, about the blue coast does not appear chemical smell.

Yet the most likely version still looks the version of the blue-green algae, but even they, they note, there is no such a strange color, perhaps with some chemistry. These algae occur in the event of a lack of oxygen in the water, an abundance of light energy, high content of nitrates and phosphates. These same factors can kill fish. Get rid of the destructive factors is possible, but with no guarantee that they will not appear again. Still no 'aid"Agriculture, industry here could not do, that is, violations of sanitary protection zone of the reservoir were clearly and must be set.

Full photo essay: Nasha Niva


Source: The Red Book





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