VIP-entertainment. Continued Part 2

Pirates of the XXI century

Hot trends — corporate parties, that is, collective vacation that pays for all the heads of their subordinates.
One notable metallurgical company of 300 people decided to play pirates. Knyazev for their chartered a three-deck boat and turned it into a pirate ship, over which proudly waved "Jolly Roger" skull and bones crosswise. All "metallurgists" issued vest, hat, eye patch, muskets, sabers. Do not believe it — these are intelligent people with higher education have boarded the two vessels. With one ship-victim Knyazev agreed in advance. The team paid for the capture of household appliance, by the way, one of the participants in the pirate show (he was then still a force majeure for insurance received). But on a barge with sand bourgeoisie attacked samopalom. They went into a rage, what's to stop them was impossible. Knyazev only had time to warn the captain radioed the barge that, well, I'm sorry, but we will arrest you now a little bit, but you do not worry, please. Later, when the pirates moored to the barge, built a bridge and began to plunder the sand buckets, Magister had to quickly compose on the fly did not understand the command barge, which is the extras, such as rehearsed the scene for a historical film.
The leading computer firm also played under the direction of Knyazev to robbers, or rather, to the terrorists — they captured near Moscow, pension and set up all over his ears.
Oil company had arranged a celebration of life for as many as 500 of their colleagues. Oil companies have chosen Musketeer theme. All men have sewn musketeer costumes, feathered hats, swords ordered, and for the ladies brought fans krinolinovye and chic dresses. Musketeers fought with swords for the beautiful ladies on the chairs and rode to London for pendants. Vice-presidents of the company dedicated to the Cardinals and gave them the mantle. It happened jinks in the elite club of "President."

I — a prostitute, I — Fairy of the bar

Once on Knyazev have driven his wife businessmen: "We also want to have fun. Invent a game that roles were shocking." Master invited them poputanit. The ladies discussed his idea with their husbands. Businessmen agreed to send women to the panel just under the personal supervision. I had to come up to them the role of pimps. They were in the "Lada" and observed the situation from a distance. Stylists wives helped transform into prostitutes. Bought clothes in the Vietnamese market — mesh stockings, red kozhzama of skirts, blouses, colorful kitsch, wacky hairstyles they have done with locks. These so confused, of course, do not dress up. It was evident that the girls groomed, not battered life and customers. They brought them to the Garden Ring, the alley behind the restaurant "Cheese." A nurse was assigned Ninel Ivanovna, the headmistress boutique chain — such round, big woman. She was standing on the road and customer greeter. Once the machine is taxied it been building for girls and announced as much as they should. To Ninel Ivanovna better accustomed to the role of her for a couple of days before the game was driven by zlachnym points to "madam" looked like everything was really going on and how should behave like a real mom. After a long bargaining — Ninel vytryaset soul for a dollar — the client chose muddled and only he was about to put her in the car, at this moment on the team because of the angle Knyazev flew a police car with flashing lights and siren. From megaphone swept menacingly: "Everybody stay where you are!" Cops paid in advance, said rehearse a scene from the series. Girls — in all directions, the client broke off and get out.
Won the one most often chosen. So what's going on! Husbands whose wives have never chosen, as many have become nervous, one even jumped out of his "pimp" car, ran over to his wife, began to bark at her, "Why are you standing there like paralyzed, come unbutton her blouse, hither smile." A senior official of the defeated wife, 35 years old lady, a former teacher. She chose the most frequent, although hanging out with her girls and younger and prettier. But she was wearing glasses. Intelligent putana — this is nonsense. Naturally, it provoked the curiosity of men. Her husband was just bursting with pride.

Striptease — steeper Viagra

Knyazev men gathered in one of the elite Moscow strip clubs to discuss the next game. They sit at tables, chatting, and suddenly see guys on stage at the pole of his half-naked women. Please do not believe my eyes, some were numb with shock. Others took everything with humor, and others — were furious. But even those who strongly resented in a couple of weeks, was asked to repeat a striptease show. They said that after the incident they have experienced with their wives terrific sex.
Maximum of what ventured strippers — is topless. No one took off her panties. And this problem is not standing in front of them. Even just go to a pole and dance — for them was equivalent to exploit. They rehearsed for two weeks, doing choreography. They said their husbands that they were going for a massage or fitness as yourself — learn stripping. Each sewed a sexy outfit, made a bright make-up, stuck some tattoos on her back and buttocks. They then told us that the most terrible and difficult for them to overcome their Respect, the image of a noble lady, because in the hall were their friends, solid elite.

PS Is not it a paradox? Those at the top with such contempt and cynicism play us, and at the same time they are attracted to us, they play us, the poor, tortured problems that they themselves have created us. There is some injustice in the fact that they can play in us, but here we are in them — ever.

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