Vladikavkaz due to extreme heat blossomed fruit trees


3.12.12.V North Ossetia is abnormally hot weather, the temperature does not drop below 10 degrees Celsius. Over the weekend, recorded a temperature threshold of 20 degrees, said the duty forecaster republic Galina Pikalyuk.

With the onset of autumn and winter never snowed and there was virtually no precipitation. Because of the extreme heat blossomed fruit trees. Residents reported flowering quince, a resident of Vladikavkaz Zalina Alborova invited reporters into his garden, which showed a blossoming second time this year the quince, which blossomed flowers and leaves have turned green. From areas of the country report and second flowering strawberry harvest grapes.

Forecasters recognize that December in North Ossetia abnormally hot weather. This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that cyclones that brought the winter and caused snowfall in central Russia have delayed access of cold air to the south.


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