Volga fish struck an unknown infection


14.12.12.Volzhskim fishermen are increasingly began to see horrific instances perch — with pink sores on the face and scales. Back in August, the first individuals strange disease of fish caught in Pervomaisk

Went up

Samara, December 14 — AIF Samara. Then carry the virus moved up the Volga. And in the fall they were caught in Vinnovskogo, Podzhabnogo, Dry Samark and beyond — in management. Fishermen with the help of the Internet has put its prey diagnosis. And they began to tell all your friends and acquaintances, it is very dangerous for human viral disease. What struck dermatofibrosarkoma perch and nature of the disease in a viral, confirmed and specialist of the Middle of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Sergey Blinov: — "But the evidence that the virus is transmitted to humans yet. We did request the Saratov branch of the State Research Institute of Lake and River Fisheries (NIIORRH), and we were informed that in the Volgograd reservoir such individuals began to appear in the 80's. The average incidence affects 1-6% of individuals. Catch "fish flu" only the largest specimens. Maybe they, like humans, with age the immune system? "

The cause is unknown?

Samara, December 14 — AIF Samara. In this, the Saratov Reservoir and up to this time there were isolated cases of pike and Bursch. But this "epidemic" was a first. In this fish-infection exists incubation period. So it is not clear so far, how many fish are carriers of the virus. Moreover, the etiology is not clear it until the end — the scientists are too few "laboratory material." In Samara, no suitable laboratory. So if Volga fishermen a chance to send their catch to the Saratov State Research Institute of Lake and River Fisheries, "responsible" for the study of Saratov Reservoir — asked Sergey Blinov — let bused. Institute Phone: (845) 223-83-67.

Advised rest ichthyologist at the slightest sign of illness perch burn, and in any case not to release back into the water — because then the virus will begin to capture all the great waters of the Volga. Samartsev is probably worth closer look at the fish stalls, and perhaps even abandon the traditional New Year's filler. Nina Baranov, Attorney Samara Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office, said prosecutors have launched a probe on the fact of infection Volga fish.


Edward Vertkin, chairman of the Federation of sport fishing Samara region:
— Forbid to go walleye anglers, and even more so the poachers can not nobody. The only way the state can regulate the current situation — keep tight control over the sale of fish.

Anatoly Vinogradov, Samara ecologist, Ph.D.:

— Diseases of fish, including a perch and its sister Bursch, many, both internal and external. Epizootics have occurred for the first time on the Volga. Such damage can produce water, poisoned by some strong chemical or radiological poisons. But then this water is dangerous for both people and other aquatic creatures.

And I know it's red dust flies Nebera)))


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