Walls go shaking due to explosions in Sestroretsk


25.07.12. Residents complain again Sestroretsk explosions, because of which they are deprived of rest.

According to the "Rosbalt" witness Alex, in Sestroretsk again heard explosions while blowing "stronger than normal." "The walls go shake the doors and chandeliers cracking from vibration," — he said.

Meanwhile, the responsible services continue to claim that the explosive works are in the normal range, they should not bother people.

Recall, eyewitnesses reported explosions near Sestroretsk systematically. Strange popping notice as residents of different districts of St. Petersburg. Most likely cause of the explosion that renewed military ammunition disposal expired. In total, only for the current year WEST necessary to dispose of about 300 tons of ammunition, which is 50% less than last year.

Earlier, the military assured that will destroy ammunition in "quite far from human settlements" landfills, not to scare the locals.

Source: Rosbalt

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