Washed up on the beach of Norway 20 tons of herring … and everything was gone. And was it?


04.01.12. January 2, tens of thousands of dead herring covered beach near the town Kveness in northern Norway.

According to scientists, strand herring led a flock of predatory fish or a powerful storm, but the more specific versions of the experts refuse.

Research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, Jens Holst said that nothing like that seen on record for the marine fauna. In his view, this is very strange behavior of herring, which quite unusual for this type of fish.

Meanwhile, recent studies show that the approach to the shores of herring, which is entirely dependent on the success of the coastal fishing is most closely related to the distribution of water, hydrochloric acid and high temperature.

The story of the 20 tons of dead herring on a beach in Norway, will be continued. No sooner had the local authorities to decide how to clean the beach, the whole herring mysteriously disappeared.

In Norway, fishing is often huge nets that block the fjords, collecting herring Hristiansund point is, and the main center of trade — Bergen.

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In Norway found 20 tons of dead herring

January 3. Scientists around the world again puzzled — on the coast of northern Norway emissions of more than 20 tons of dead herring that repeated still not solved animal deaths began last year.

Thousands of dead herring have been discovered in the north of the Norwegian coast, not only puzzled experts, but again gave rise doomsday predictors to speak confidently about the Apocalypse at the end of 2012, as alleged Mayan prophecy will bring the end of the world in 2012, the year.

Despite the fact that scientists do not believe in the Mayan prophecy, yet they are very surprised by the fact that the entire beach Kvaenes Nordreyze covered in dead fish.

The first stinking fish found a local resident, 44-year-old Jan-Petter Jorgensen, who was walking with his dog Molly on the coast and came across a lot of dead fish.

Struck happened Jorgensen said that the local is not the first time they see such horror — "something like this has happened in 80 years." He believes, along with many experts, that most likely the fish died from lack of oxygen.

Another theory is that a huge flock of herring happened to be trapped between the tidal waters and predatory fish, such as pollock, and so she had no choice but to head to the coast, where it is also expecting certain death.

Perhaps the fish washed ashore during the recent severe storms, and in the end it was in shallow water, or hit the undoing fresh water.

Jens Christian Holst of the Institute of Marine Research said that herring could suffer from several factors, but also pointed out that in no hurry to tell, until finally announced the results of analyzes carried out by dead fish.

Recall that in early 2011, many skeptics have claimed that the world is waiting for the end of the world after the first week of the year almost every day began shocking news that the dead animals: the fish, the birds, crabs …

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Dead herring — a very strange thing: here it is — but it is not

January 4. Tens of thousands of dead herring covered beach in the north of Norway, prompting speculation about the next imminent end of the world. Scientists believe that the strand fishes forced or predators, or a powerful storm.

However, further situation became even more mysterious: the local authorities do not have time to begin to decide how to clean the shore as herring … all gone. Explanation for this phenomenon, scientists have not been able to find.

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