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In the spring so eager to throw off the summer a few hateful pounds accumulated over the long winter. How to make your diet to your body enough vitamins and minerals? How to prevent a lack of vitamins in the diet? On these and other issues has helped us to answer MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, tell me, why is a man needs vitamins?

Vitamins are imperative to man, as evidenced by its name, derived from the Latin word vita — life. These compounds are involved in many vital biochemical reactions in the human otganizma. The problem is that the vitamins can not be synthesized in the human body, except for vitamins K and B3. Therefore, they must be obtained from food. They do not need to eat a lot, quite a very small amount, but regularly.


-One should eat fruits and vegetables to lack of vitamins?

Not only is more important, and a small amount of fat, since fat-soluble vitamins is — A, D and E. The fact that these vitamins, being fat-soluble, normally absorbed by the body only vegetable fat. In addition, it is best to eat organic (home), vegetables, berries and fruit. I recommend buying them from those sellers who use only organic fertilizer.


— What can happen if the vitamins will come a little? Avitominoz?

First let's define the concept of beriberi. Thus, the deficiency disease — it is a pathological condition caused by an acute shortage of vitamins or their complete absence. In a civilized modern society cases of beriberi, classify it as physicians, are very rare. Vitamin deficiency usually shows characteristic symptoms: loss of hair, teeth, dry skin, decreased immunity.


But spring seasonal outbreaks of ailments due to inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals is called hypovitaminosis. He is the main cause of the vulnerability of the body, leading to frequent colds, as well as the cause of general fatigue, sleep disturbances, or increased irritability. Very often people confuse the concept of beriberi with hypovitaminosis. Vitamin deficiencies — is insufficient intake of vitamins.


— If a person loses weight, then it is bound to be a lack of vitamins?

Of course not. Lose weight can and should be no shortage of vitamins. The main thing to make a diet to adjust the frequency of food intake and lose weight under the supervision of a specialist. Our author's technique Golden Needle Method ® based on long-term stimulation of specific acupuncture points on the ear that are responsible for the metabolism and feeding behavior. Normalizes the digestive, endocrine and nervous systems, as well as eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome and subclinical depression.


— What foods to include in your diet to have enough vitamins?

Let's list the most basic vitamins. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C helps our body fight infections. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, blackcurrant, rose, green, bell peppers, apples, sea buckthorn, strawberry and strawberry, colored and white cabbage, beans.

Vitamin D is responsible for the process of calcium absorption in the body. It is produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Found in fish oil, eggs, fish, liver, butter, cream, milk.

Vitamin E, tocopherol, is very important for the synthesis of sex hormones. A lot of this vitamin include the following products: vegetable oil, rose hip, egg yolk, green leaves of plants.

Vitamin A promotes normal metabolism plays an important role in the formation of bones and teeth, essential for the growth of new cells, slows the aging process. Vitamin A is essential for normal functioning of the immune system and helps fight infection. In large amounts in the following foods: carrots, beets, nettle, pumpkin, tomatoes, red pepper, corn, apricots.

Vitamin B1, thiamin, is responsible for the functioning of the nervous system and is involved in metabolism. By itself, produced by intestinal microflora. However, in raising insufficient for us. Is found in large quantities in the following products: wheat flour, bread, buckwheat, rice, oats, rye, yeast, egg yolk, nuts, beans, pork and beef.

Vitamin B2, riboflavin, is involved in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, accelerates the healing of wounds. In large quantities found in yeast, cereals, fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, meat, fish.


— And how to cook, to remain in food vitamins?

In order to cooked food left as many vitamins, there are a few simple rules. It is better not to fry food and cooking, stew or steamed. The less time the better. Meat and fish are preferably baked in foil. Store food in the refrigerator should be, in any case, neither in the open sunlight. Products must be cut just before preparing food, and not in advance. And when we cook vegetables, it is best to omit them in already boiling water and close the lid. The finished dish eat right, try not to keep it.

And do not forget the fresh squeezed juices, fruit and vegetable. Drinking juices — a quick way to saturate the cells of the body with essential nutrients and vitamins. They are easily digested and, among other things, juice — a source of pleasure.


— Thank Mariyat! So a diet — it's not necessarily avitominoz?

No, and no again. Dieting is absolutely not a vitamin deficiency. You can go on a diet and feel good and look good. To do this, we offer our patients a lot of programs to improve the condition of his body. For instance, Ozone Therapy and LPG. Ozone not only enhances lipid catabolism, accelerating peroxidation of fats, but also has antioxidant properties — to neutralize free radicals that accumulate in the tissues, resulting in slowing the aging process, increases immunity. Need to lose weight with the use and enjoyment!

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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