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Problem Skin

Three steps to healthy skin: to suppress the activity of bacteria that cause inflammation, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands to remove scars and stagnant spots.

Why skin is a problem? The reason — in the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin, occurring in its deeper layers. By the number of sebum skin is divided into three types — dry, oily, normal and combination. For oily skin (full face) and combined (T-zone — the nose, forehead and chin) are characterized by large oil glands of the skin with copious fat and wide mouths, the people who mistakenly called "pores". Most people believe that the "pores" or "black spots" and are the glands of the skin, which should be treated by applying creams and ointments. But the actual sebaceous glands are located deep in the lowest parts of the skin, there is a thin coiled duct that opens on the surface of the mouth. Therefore, it is often only the application of creams and lotions for the treatment of deep acne is ineffective.

Normally, the sebaceous glands are designed to produce sebum in order to protect and strengthen the skin, but under the influence of improper care, poor environment, eating habits and hormonal levels in their work fails.

In addition to the amount allocated sebum is important and its density. The thicker the secret is, the more difficult it is to stand out. A rich deep secret is literally "bursting" wall gland, causing the skin visible seals of different diameters: from tiny beads to fairly large units over which may even change the color of the skin, getting a little bluish. The accumulation of sebaceous secretion attracts bacteria that live on the skin, as the sebaceous — perfect breeding ground for them. Breeding, they cause inflammation, pain and redness of the skin. When not eliminated the underlying defect — stagnant accumulation of fat — such local inflammation can "smolder" for weeks, forming blackheads or pimples.

Difficult acne worse troubled teen

The owner of a pimple, wanting as quickly as possible to get rid of such a dubious "decoration", often trying to squeeze it, but it does not work, because through the narrowed sebaceous gland secretion stale just can not pass. Another option is the wrong approach to the problem — the burning of the skin over a pimple various solutions, ointments and creams. But they are not able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and reveal the stale conglomerate. Gradually, chronic pimple goes away, but in its place a long shelf bluish, then brownish pigmentation, and often atrophic scar.

What to do? To stagnant pimple passed quickly, it is desirable to help the skin to get rid of it. It's very simple — it is necessary to use a method called electrocoagulation with the "discovery" of the channel to remove the contents of a pimple, and then under it to produce an antibiotic injection or oxygen-ozone mixture for rapid suppression of bacterial inflammation. After such manipulation is healing very quickly, but pigmentation and scar can still be formed, so as soon as a pimple has formed, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

Atrophic acne scars can be removed after the injection of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and the regular application of a cream with retinol. The younger the scars, the better they can be treated. For the same purpose, as well as to align color, applying median trichloroacetic (TCA) peeling which stimulates the skin and its active upper exfoliate. Usually this procedure four month intervals. They are arranged in the autumn-winter period (October to February), when the sun is very active, and the likelihood of pigmentation after the procedure is low. Resorption bluish spots can be significantly accelerated by oxygen therapy (ozone) and mesotherapy with vitamin complexes and antioxidants.

Skin and Nutrition

Condition of the skin secretion depends on the nature of power: the abundant sweet reception, the more dense, profuse and "tasty" for bacteria sebum is produced.

What to do? Sometimes, changing your diet with restriction of sweet and starchy foods helps to improve skin condition and without treatment.

In some cases, acne on the face and an allergic origin associated with certain food intolerance. Then the rash worse after various feasts. For these patients is characterized by a combination of skin rash with other manifestations, eg fatigue, headache, dyspepsia, bad breath, the overall sensitivity of the skin with a tendency to itching and redness. Splash of patient with this kind of acne by a dermatologist observed after celebrating the New Year, and in the summer — after returning from a holiday in Turkey and Egypt, with their ample buffet.

What to do? For the rash associated with food intolerance, the best treatment is to choose a diet that is held on the basis of a blood test for compatibility with food. This immunoassay with specific antibodies ratings (Ig G and IgE) to a variety of products, the number and activity of cells that mediate allergic reactions.

The skin and the environment



Oxygen-ozone therapy


An important factor in the development of "acne" is a thickening of the uppermost layers of the skin, which narrows the excretory duct of the sebaceous gland and contribute to stagnation in it. Thickening of the skin develops in response to external stimuli, such as solar radiation and unfavorable urban ecology. Many people who suffer from acne, noted an improvement during the summer holiday by the sea. This is due to the beneficial effects on the skin of fresh air. However, on his return to the metropolis through 10-20 Days skin condition worsens, affects its thickening, which has evolved as a protective tan in response to sun exposure.

What to do? For these patients, an excellent treatment are chemical peels, thin upper layer of the skin and relieving pinched a sebaceous gland. Ideal peels with salicylic acid, which is not only thin top layer of skin, but also has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects. In the application of salicylic peels observed an immediate effect as drying of inflammatory cells. In addition to salicylic, in some cases, use other types of peels: glycolic, lactic and other fruit acids, retinol peels. Last nekomforten little, as it can cause a reaction exacerbation of acne, which is practically not observed in salicylic and glycolic peel. What type of exfoliation is the most optimal in each case — to decide a doctor. Usually this procedure course, consisting of 4-10 peels once in 7-14 days, which is carried out in the autumn-winter period. However, salicylic peels on the testimony can be used in the summer. It is well tolerated, quick procedure, which occupies 10-15 Minutes.

Attention! Not to be confused with a chemical peel or scrub exfoliation, mechanical scraping the surface of the skin. The latter two are used for the prevention of acne and improve the efficiency of washing. Moreover, the presence of active inflammation on the skin pimples, these funds can not be used because they can injure the skin and pass the infection on its surface.

Skin and hormones

For teenagers and young people the main cause of acne is the sharp increase in the sebaceous glands and thickening of the upper layers of the skin with the onset of puberty.

What to do?In this case, the ideal solution would be a combination of local homeopathic treatment to dilution of condensed sebaceous secretion and the use of peels with salicylic or glycolic acid. In the acute phase, when present on his face bright red swollen nodules, will be effective electrocoagulation, local antibiotic or ozone. In the early stages of treatment may be appropriate so-called "cleaning" when the sebaceous glands are mechanically released from clogging their secret.
Cleaning are not in the present therapeutic exercise, since in the absence of systematic treatment of sebaceous glands very quickly again, "hammered", but in the early stages it can be useful to ensure access of medicines to the walls of cancer.

In some cases, a very good effect in inflammatory acne gives undeservedly forgotten quartz lamp, which was previously widely used to treat skin diseases. Currently, this lamp can be purchased at home. However, to advise on the purchase of such a lamp and recommend a course can only be a specialist, because in many cases its use is contraindicated, which, incidentally, refers to any method of treatment.

Leather and age

Often, acne bothers people in middle age, when it is the first wrinkles appear, but the "problem" of the skin still remains. The reasons — age-related thickening of the skin, reducing the local immunity and endocrine disorders. At this age, acne is predominantly on the face and cheeks, which are deposited thin convoluted gland.

What to do? The best result gives the combination of peeling (with salicylic or glycolic acid) to mezoimmunokorrektsiey. Mezoimmunokorrektsiya — the use of funds for mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids that stimulate the immune system of the skin, contributing to its moisturizing, enhancing local exchange and circulation. The combination of these techniques, not only has the "anti-acne" efficiency, but also contributes to the prevention of age-related changes. The skin becomes more supple, smooth and fresh, which is important for the majority of patients over the age of 30 years.

Attention! Radical means, either permanently or for a long time reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands and the thinning of the upper sections of the skin (and therefore curative acne) is a drug of vitamin A — Roaccutane, which is taken daily for several months and has a cumulative effect. But we should not deceive ourselves, and to self-medicate. This drug is indicated only in cases of severe or moderately severe disease, and it requires the appointment of a preliminary survey has contraindications and may occasionally be transferred to the development of dry skin or other displays that are eliminated by certain therapeutic measures. Treatment should be under the supervision of a physician, and against the background of a regular assessment of blood tests.

Home care for problem skin

Maximum attention should be paid to cleaning. In currently prevalent washing means based on a gel with an increased pH. They are less irritating to the skin, but often "nedootmyvayut" it. It is easy to determine, by swiping your finger across the cheek after washing. Ideally, clear skin resists, literally "creaks" from purity. If the skin nedoochischena will be a sense of "plenochki." Therefore, experienced dermatologists often recommend their patients to wash … soap. But the choice of soap — is also a responsible, varieties with moisturizing ingredients categorically not suitable. There are also gels well launderers skin, but their choice is best left to a dermatologist.

Paramount importance and the choice of the means of care. Problem skin does not tolerate creams c dense texture, as the mouth of the glands become clogged with fatty instantly cream base. At the same time, alcohol and other driers "wipe", "prizhigalki" and means for washing the skin strongly dewatered. This leads to the development of the phenomenon of the so-called "fat dry skin" — the mouth clogged with fat glands and the surface of the skin — retain moisture. The ideal choice in this case is easy to serum gel base with no or minimal fat content of the inclusions. Selection of serum better too entrust doctor dermatocosmetologists. Sometimes the best choice is the serum sold as "anti-aging", in spite of the presence in it of the very cool features for anti-acne treatment.

Professional approach to problem skin

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In general, treatment of skin problem is complex. In the acute stage, when there is inflammation, redness, and tenderness, apply methods that suppress inflammation: electrocoagulation, antibiotics, salicylic peels, oxygen therapy. After that you should take the normalization of the sebaceous glands of the skin and immune reconstitution with peelings, mezoimmunokorrektsii, gomepaticheskoy mesotherapy reception Roaccutane. This is the longest and the multi-stage treatment, as it is necessary to change the natural features of the skin and increase its immunity.

At the final stage removes the effects of acne (scars, stagnant bluish spots on the skin) using TCA peels, mesotherapy high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, regular use of regenerating serums and creams.

It is difficult to understand in a variety of methods? Not at all. An experienced doctor quickly select the correct treatment regimen on an individual basis. All of these procedures are done quickly and painlessly. They may be preceded by a soothing and relaxing massage treatments are also effective for problem skin. For example, deep-lift massage, which takes place on the device, simulating a plucked Jacquet massage aimed at the deep kneading and congest the drainage of the sebaceous glands. It is a comfortable and pleasant procedure, during which people fall asleep, especially coming after the working day. It can be combined with other treatments (as a preparatory stage to conduct salicylic peel, mesotherapeutic treatment) to combine relaxing care and treatment of problem skin.

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