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Fungal infection — The disease is not only annoying, but also dangerous. It begins with a dull, brittle nails and easy itching between the toes — the symptoms, which many people do not pay attention. However, without proper treatment of the disease progresses and may cause ulcers on the feet and cracks and fracture and deformation of the nails. And after all this time the patient infecting fungal infection of others!

In order not to lead to complications of the disease and to protect loved ones from this danger, act at the first sign of fungal infection: seek qualified help and begin treatment.

In itself, this disease does not pass, it needs to be treated carefully, strictly adhering to the recommended course of therapy.


Everyone — his own:choose a treatment regimen

There are several treatments of fungal infection: systemic, integrated, therapy by external means.

— Systemic treatment regimen involves taking certain medications in the form of tablets or capsules, many of which, unfortunately, can have side effects that negatively affect the body.

-Combination therapy includes treatment as tablets and external means.

— Therapy by external means. As compared with systemic therapy, treatment by external means only gives less side effects. The scheme is recommended in cases when hit by no more than 1/3 of the nail plate and no more than 2 fingers on the arm or leg. Therefore, it is important to start treatment fungal infection in a timely manner!


AAki,creamssolution: which is better?

External preparations have long been presented mainly creams and lacquers.

Lucky only affect the fingernails, and lose concentration when the penetration depth. *

Creams (the most common form of drug) — is increasingly used for the treatment of fungal skin diseases, contribute to its moisturizing and softening.

A special place among the antifungal drugs is the solution "Exoderil" — thanks to its unique property of deep penetration into the nail plate.


Read the instructions: How to achieve the maximum effect?

A special feature "Exoderil" is that in addition to the antifungal effect, and it is able to provide an antibacterial effect on the microorganisms that are often associated with fungal lesions. Due to its shape the solution penetrates deeply into the nail** and it is distributed evenly, contributing to the destruction of fungus removal of inflammation and eliminate itching.

But in order to achieve a therapeutic effect, need to be treated properly. For example, the recommended regimen solution "Exoderil." The solution is applied twice daily to the affected nail, and before kazhdymprimeneniem drug should try to remove the most affected part of the nail clippers or nail file. Please note, the duration of therapy for nail fungus is on average about 6 months until you see healthy nail and clean the skin around it. After this treatment should continue for two more weeks to prevent recurrence of the disease.


An integrated approach: in the morning — a solution, in the eveningcream

If a fungal infection still 40-50% of the affected nail and plate. That is why the choice of treatment optimally combine solution"Exoderil" against nail fungus cream in the morning and "Exoderil" against fungal infections of feet in the evening.

The solution penetrates deep into the nail and is rapidly absorbed, and the cream is used to treat and care for the skin of the patient.


 Right Care:Useful Tips

It is very important to properly care for their feet during the treatment of fungal infections. First, regularly remove nail clippers or nail file affected parts of the nails, helping medicines penetrate into the nail and fight the infection. Second, once a week to arrange themselves soap-soda baths: one liter of hot (38-40 degrees) water dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda and 20 grams of soap.

Dip your feet in a bowl for 30-40 minutes, then gently wipe the feet and apply a therapeutic drug


Safety — First: ns forget about hygiene

That treatment to be effective, disinfected of all, what is touching fungus.In addition, it will help protect loved ones from the fungus, and avoid re-infection.

Be sure to treat the floors, walls, fixtures shower or bathroom, as well as personal items: footwear, skin care and nail care. During treatment, use only the individual slippers and towels, and do not forget, socks, stockings, tights should be washed daily.


If treated properly and on time, get rid of the fungus is quite possible. So, be patient, heal properly and do not interrupt the course!


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**Sergeev et al. "New concepts in pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of onychomycosis"ImmunologyAllergologyInfektologiya, 2007, № 3.


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There are contraindications



With a specialist.


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