Weak magnetic fields deform the brain




The impact of weak magnetic fields can be dangerous, warn U.S. researchers. The rats that were exposed to fields similar to those faced by people at home, got DNA damage brain cells. Professor Henry Ley of the University of Washington, warned that people should be cautious about the use of electrical appliances, which hold around the head.
The researchers found that the rats have been in contact with a weak magnetic field with a frequency of 60 Hz oscillations within 24 hours, earned the DNA damage brain cells. The rats were in contact with the field 48 hours, the damage was more pronounced. At the same time increased apostoz cells (ie their natural death).

Than it threatens people? In everyday life, we meet regularly with weak magnetic fields, and often they act primarily on the head — for example, when using hair dryers, electric blankets and electric shavers. Of course, they are used for a few minutes a day, but the effect on the brain thus sufficiently large. It is not known whether adverse effects accumulate over time, but the results increase the likelihood that it is possible to do.


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