Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane Sandy

February 20, 2013. The ability of meteorologists to predict the approach of the various storms affected by weather satellites, several times a day flying around. However, warns General Accounting management USA, confusion reigns between the military and meteorologists may adversely affect the efficiency of the various predictions of natural phenomena.

Since the seventies of the last century, America led into a polar orbit weather satellites are two types: one is under the control of public weather services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to merge in order to save these satellites are under common control. Make it did not work for 16 years, so in 2010 the government admitted defeat and decided to split the task. As a result, meteorologists have an orbit later part of the day, and the military — the early morning. Orbit the middle of the day was shared with the European Space Agency, said portal Yahoo! Finance.

However, even these plans are implemented with delays. General Accounting management warns that the gap in obtaining data about weather conditions can range from 17 to 53 months. The Ministry of Defence, in turn, decided to launch a previously "mothballed" satellites that do not have the technology to conduct research needed to predict the weather in the area.

Source: News Gismeteo

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