Western Australia is preparing for the arrival of the cyclone Grow

February 26, 2013. On the west coast Australia announced a warning about the need for evacuation of low-lying areas Port-Hedland due to the fact that the cyclone Rusty can provoke Surges high waves and dangerous flooding.

Rusty cyclone is moving very slowly and has a huge potential storm. Soon the storm center width of 36 km will be located on the western coast. Catch up on the likelihood of waves is more than obvious, since now the system is able to generate winds of up to 195 km / h between Wim Creek and Pardo in Australian Kimberley and Pilbara.

In Port Hedland carry out preventive measures against flooding of buildings, facades of shops reinforced with sandbags, residents stocking up on canned food and drinking water. Earlier this week, in the morning stopped working the local airport, there have canceled all commercial flights. Closed all the western ports engaged in export of iron ore.

It is expected that a major blow Grow cause in 1300 km from Perth in the evening on February 27, taking the shape of the hazard category 4 storm. The greatest danger from Grow forecasters say wind gusts coming from the system. In the meantime, cyclone located 135 km north of Port-Hedland and 290 kilometers north-east of Karratha, moving to the coast at a speed of 5 km / h

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Tropical cyclone "Rusty" closer to the coast Australia

February 27, 2013. A powerful tropical cyclone "Rusty" is very close to the north-west coast of Australia. Speed squall of wind gusts up to 130 kilometers per hour, wind accompanied by the most powerful showers. It is expected that a total of three days in some areas drop out of more than 600 millimeters of rain.

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