What can go to the compost?

What can go to the compost? It is interesting

  1. At the mention of the word "compost", most immediately have an association with waste food. The remains of fruits and vegetables quickly decompose, and thus will be a good nutrient for your soil. But this is not the only thing that can be thrown into a pit.

  2. Hair is also good for compost. Hair with combs, hair and your pets nails trimmed without varnish saturated with nitrogen, which is so necessary for fertilization.

  3. Almost any net (not processed) paper will find its place in your well is dry material will help to strike a balance between the "green" (carbon-rich) and "brown" (saturated with nitrogen) materials. It is best suited for the compost receipts, napkins and utensils, newspapers.

  4. As paper, cardboard can also be thrown into the compost. But before you throw it on cardboard to break into pieces. The most popular things out of cardboard in household are rolls of toilet paper and cartons of eggs. It must be remembered that any board that is emitted by the compost must not contain fat. Can I throw a box of pizza? Yes, but it will remove oil-soaked pieces.

  5. Stale bread, crackers, bread, pizza and rice may be useful in the compost pit, as compensate moisture from other products.

  6. As dry leaves of paper, coffee grounds, tea leaves and used tea bags have a high content of carbon needed for any healthy compost.

  7. Fluff, feathers, ashes from the fireplace or stove, the content of the vacuum cleaner bag may well be suitable for composting and for her husband to become "explanation" belated house cleaning.

  8. Last of the wine after a party or a holiday will be a good part of your fertilizer as help speed up the decomposition process.

  9. Other than paper, paperboard and correspondence can be also other office trash, constantly thrown out with the paper: pencil shavings, envelopes with adhesive tape, adhesive note paper, tape — all that does not contain plastics (for example, boxes of envelopes).

  10. If a house plant suddenly lose one's attraction or withered, it is not necessarily throw — it can go in the compost pit. They may also join the dried grass, wood ash and sawdust, which contain carbon, are necessary to accelerate decomposition.

  11. If you have a pet at home, you can find many items suitable for composting: food, useless "dog joy" of by-products, bedding (except cat filler). They need to be put in a hole deeper, so they decompose faster.

  12. In addition to wine, beer, infused drinks, as well as the remains after their homemade compost contributes to the process of decomposition. Yeast are considered food for the microbes, and beer itself — a rich source of nitrogen.

  13. Old clothes, towels and rags can be given to the local collection point or throw it away, but if these things are not suitable for use, they can be sent to the compost, because they are made from organic materials. But they must be non-toxic detergent wash, before they get into the pit.

  14. In addition, sponges, cosmetic wipes from natural substances such as, for example, dried fruits loofah may also be suitable for composting.

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