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July 21, 1969 American astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first step in the history of the lunar surface and said pompous phrase concocted in advance for the solemn moment: "This small step for man — a big jump all mankind." It's been more than three decades, but the debate is still not abating — set foot on the moon, or is masterfully played out by the Americans play? The newspaper "Zodiac" bring to your attention an astrological perspective on those events.

The triumph of science?

Sensational news immediately spread around the world — the first men on the moon! It was reported that launched NASA "Apollo 11" with three astronauts on board reached lunar orbit and carried out special manned descent module, which were Neil Armstrong (captain of the ship, he had to get out of the first module on the surface) and Edwin Aldrin (the "second pioneering "). The third member of the crew — Michael Collins remained in "Apollo 11", providing a connection to the Earth. Upon successful completion of all tasks — the collection of soil, photo and video areas, Armstrong and Edwin came back on board the "Apollo 11", which is headed back to Earth. The main event space after Yuri Gagarin's flight took place — earthling stepped foot on another planet!

After this historic flight, exploration of the Moon continued by other "Apollos" and 5 times more people in suits came out on the lunar surface, collecting soil, carried out photos and videos, go, leaping and sometimes even fooling around, as seen in the movies. But here in the United States, there was a man who allowed himself to doubt the reality of the lunar expeditions.

Bill Keyzing against NASA

This man's name was Bill Keyzing and he published a book with the significant title "We have never traveled to the Moon. American deception cost of 30 billion dollars. " Keyzing headed the technical information in the company "Rokkuel", which took part in the lunar project. In his book Keyzing fearlessly claims that laudatory stories about the adventures of astronauts on the moon were made to the set, located 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Here's his reasoning:

Why are the pictures from the moon is not a starry sky? After all, there is no atmosphere, which made it difficult to see them. For example, the Soviet cosmonaut who flew earlier claimed that the form of millions of huge stars just amazing.

Why space module is not stuck in the dust with a thick layer covering the surface of the moon? — Can be seen in the photographs that the astronauts "left" deep scars in it.

Next — Man on the Moon "weighs" is 6 times less than on Earth, and is able to make giant leaps. Why did the astronauts jumped so insecure and so low?

In some frames the American flag stuck in the ground, apparently hesitated, which is possible only in a climate — that is in the world. And finally, why trips to the moon were discontinued in 1972 and since then has never been renewed?

Keyzing believes that the leadership of NASA decided to mock, to avoid scandal — a program of landing a man on the moon failed. And so, in the state of Nevada was purchased barren piece of land, where they created "lunar scenery", inviting the best Hollywood professionals podnatorevshie in the shooting space fantasies. Of course, every precaution was taken to ensure the utmost secrecy — until no dissent. According to Keyzinga, astronauts loaded in the ship "Apollo" and then planted back slowly. Meanwhile, the audience watched the launch of the rocket "Saturn-V", which soared majestically into the sky and out of sight of flying in the direction of the Antarctic and fell into the water. Astronauts were transported by plane to Nevada, where they played the mise en scene memorized laid out in advance and collected samples of "lunar soil" under the direction of TV and masters spetsefektov. And after taking a "show" the astronauts took to the base of the U.S. Air Force in the Pacific, was placed in a capsule and dropped from a helicopter into the ocean. Keyzing also notes that all the astronauts went through the process of hypnotic zombies. Until now, some of them believe in the reality of his lunar flight.

"Proponents of the" moon landing publicly brought their counter-arguments, but the seed of doubt has already sprouted and gave rise to new rumors do not cease for many years: among them are absolutely crazy — for example, that the Soviet Union landed astronauts on the moon before the Americans and the … more in 1937.

Nerves of steel plus work hypnology

And yet — the Americans landed "moon landing" or not? Let's look at the situation from the point of view of universal astrological laws — and in this case it is not easy! It seems to be just something you need to analyze and horoscope at the time of the launch of "Apollo-11" from Cape Canaveral, adding to this horoscope astronauts who have the time of birth is known with accuracy to the minute. But because astrology was created in an era when space travel was not in sight — as seen in the horoscope of things like a spaceship, space station, moon landing, etc.? What planet are responsible for them?

We can only operate on universal concepts that are applicable to any situation — a journey championship, fame, and the danger, of course, the moon (which in horoscopes, describing the situation "plays" itself). However, such a classic analysis of horoscopes, planets and houses just baffling!

Map drawn at the time of the start of the ship (July 16, 1969, 13 hours 32 minutes GMT) shows that the mere flight could go well: the ruler of the horoscope — Mercury in House XI speaks of the incarnation of a centuries-old dream of mankind is in Cancer and running Moon. The exact conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the first degree of Libra patronizes pioneers and promises them worldwide fame. But a strong Neptune (located next to the "bottom of the horoscope" and is included in the main planetary configuration) indicates the rumors and secrets that will necessarily be relevant to the flight. And the position of the Moon in the 12th House confirms — no secret there were some, both with and without frustration — the flight could take place, but its main purpose was hardly achieved. (!) Given all the super secrecy okolokosmicheskih programs, it is not surprising — most of the scientific information they provide, will forever remain a mystery.

Surprises another. In the horoscopes of Neil Armstrong (August 5, 1930), and Edwin Aldrin (20 January 1930) is not the slightest hint that they were at risk of or experiencing frightening events in July 1969. It turns out that the time of launch of "Apollo 11", the time of the moon landing, or exit the heroic pioneers of the lunar surface were not a serious test of strength for their nerves. Is this possible? Do not worry, do not be nervous and does not feel a sense of fear in this situation!

Maybe a bug in the horoscopes of the astronauts? No — the cosmic clock is for sure: a favorable interaction with Jupiter and Uranus points Ascendant or MC promises to both fame and repute (known this was a grand), and career development. The interaction of Jupiter and the ninth house also contributes to the glory of the great travelers. But Neptune is active (Armstrong's he doing trine to the top of the ninth house, while Aldrin Quinconces to the Ascendant) is more suitable for sea travel than for space. Another option that can "donate" Neptune — a journey in fantasy or in an altered state of consciousness. But there is no — absolutely no — astrological indications that the astronauts were nervous or tense at the time of flight!

For comparison, in the horoscope of Yuri Gagarin's first space flight of the day April 12, 1961 swept deadly risk to life and the profound psychological discomfort, which is denoted by a hard aspect to the luminaries of the higher planets — the Sun, the Moon and other points of the horoscope. Maybe the Americans have nerves of steel? Do not like! Prior to the "Apollo 11", each of them under his belt already had one spaceflight, during which they were worried, nervous and afraid … not less Gagarin — this is the location of the planets at the dates of the flights.

We summarize the results of an astrological analysis:

1. Flight to the Moon, if he really started that day, could go well. But "could pass" does not mean "passed".

2. Horoscope astronauts show that during the flight they absolutely did not feel fear, as if there were pioneers and risk their lives. And this is possible only if they will not fly … or were mesmerized to the point that they could not adequately perceived reality, is not commensurate risk, and therefore did not feel fear. Perhaps specialists hypnology NASA had serious psychological "treatment" of their charges by entering them into a special state, trance-like — a heroic feat to take place. By the way, Bill Keyzing in his book also mentioned about the "zombie astronauts." But then they could control the spaceship?

So, clear evidence of flight or lack thereof, we could not get, one thing is clear — not all the important information about the "lunar epic" was disclosed to the public. Another fact compels us to believe in this: a natal charts Armstrong and Aldrin (unfortunately, horoscope, other astronauts do not know just exactly) Neptune is located in the IV house and makes aspects to Mercury — it says that they are quite easily suggestible and each of them is a mystery (Neptune), which they will carry with him to the grave (IV house).

Catch up with and surpass the Turtles!

Finally tell you about one of the "revelatory" versions, which complements the application of Bill Keyzinga and is consistent with the astrological findings. Its authors — our countrymen. They argue that the United States, competing with the Soviet Union in the space race, originally developed two versions of the lunar program — and a real emergency. The first option was "dvuhpuskovym" — that is supposed to use two boosters such as "Saturn 5": one had to accommodate the astronauts, the second — the fuel for the long flight to the moon and back. (The fact that one rocket "Saturn 5" could take on board only 80 tons of cargo, while required to deliver 130 tons).

The main task that faced by American scientists — to get ahead of the Soviet Union, where he was preparing a major lunar program, and has been running the ship "Zond-5" — an unmanned test version, obognuvshy moon in September 1968. It was then that it became clear that from day to day, "tips" will run no longer turtles (they first visited the lunar space ship "Zond-5"), and real astronauts and the next stage of scientific and political races will be played forever. And this necessarily meaning to, he will rise favorite American question, "Where did the money of taxpayers?" In the $ 30 billion appropriated by NASA to explore the Moon.

So in effect entered a "backup" version of the program — an imitation of the moon landing. It was stated that "Saturn 5" is able to output a near-earth orbit payload of 130 tons (80 tons instead of the real), and only one "Saturn" is enough to deduce the moon ship "Apollo 11" with three astronauts and the lunar module fuel.

However, on that date — July 16, 1969 — the ship launched from Canaveral meters without pilots (who stayed on Earth), successfully flew to the moon, circled, prilunilsya, took soil samples and returned. The authors believe the version that imitation has occurred in all seven flights on the program "Apollo" and to maintain the illusion of verisimilitude NASA said the crew of the "Apollo 13" has not fulfilled the mission and could not come to the surface of the moon. All photos and videos were filmed on Earth in special pavilions. The summary of this hypothesis coincides with the opinion of Keyzinga — people still have not gone beyond the near-Earth space, and established themselves in our minds the great American Legend of landing a man on the moon, and has remained a legend …

It is impossible to vouch for the truth of this version only on the basis of astrological data, but it is consistent with the fact that "they say" we are star — the flight was (only unmanned), as a result of the astronauts gained world fame without risk and, of course, keeping " Nordic peace of mind "- but why worry if will not you fly?

The eternal mark on history

Years go by. The entire population of the Earth is still divided into two camps — the skeptics and "believers." First deny the reality of lunar missions, pushing all the new arguments against it, and ask tough questions. "Believers" are trying to convincingly argue with them. And the long struggle of minds is at the level of complex mathematical and physical calculations, incomprehensible to mere mortals. NASA is silent. And what do astronauts? They also keep silent, not wanting to give any comments on the situation. Once a meticulous journalist asked Edwin Aldrin swear on the Bible that the flight was a reality, and the indignant Aldrin punched him in the face … but did not swear.

The only fact is that since 1972, manned missions to Earth satellite discontinued. Why? And the "skeptics" and "believers" in this regard, of course, have their arguments. But once the new flight will prove footprints on the moon, or the story was the grandest deception of the last century: the Moon has no atmosphere and no winds, and hence the traces of Armstrong, Aldrin and ten astronauts imprinted in the lunar soil to remain unchanged thousands of years … Unless, of course, they are there.

Vasilisa Volodin

Source: "Harbor Health and Beauty"


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