Whence comes the contradiction between old and new Europe?

Whence comes the contradiction between "old" and "new" Europe?

Contradictions between "old" and "new" Europe has once again shown a diplomatic conflict between Austria and Lithuania, more precisely, between Austria and the "Baltic alliance" as to Vilnius joined Riga and Tallinn.

This conflict started from the requirement to Austria from Lithuania to give her a former KGB colonel and commander of the "Alpha" Misha Golovatova. This requirement Austria simply ignored by releasing it to Moscow less than 20 four hours after his arrest.

Misha Holovaty is suspected in the action that the "Baltic alliance" is classified as a sin against humanity and war sin. Because you can fully grasp the sharp reaction of Lithuania to the position of Austria, release Golovatova, which should be in front of the Lithuanian Tribunal.

But it seems that in the "old" Europe, there are several different approaches to military atrocities. So John Demjanjuk, a German tribunal sentenced on the basis of "documents", posted another Russian KGB (which were at one time considered a fake South American FBI), you can define a military offender. A Golovatova Misha, who is ultimately responsible for the actions of the "Alpha", is released, as if it did not, he was doing in Lithuania Kremlin criminal orders.

So Makar, we can say that before the overt lobby the interests of the Kremlin in the European Union — Germany and France — were joined to the same Austria. Maybe in a belated sense of gratitude of the USSR, who, after the second world for 10 years of occupation withdrew its troops from Austria, before forcing her to take a neutral country. While also should not forget about the rather cramped connection between Austria and the Russian energy companies, which may indirectly influence the decision of the Austrian government.

Exaggerated solidarity

Acts of the Austrian authorities again proves that the solidarity between the Member States of the EU Member States is very exaggerated, and the overall EU external policy, security and defense policy does not actually exist. Unfortunately, this humiliating incident also once again proves that small EU countries, namely the adoption of new EU member states have only a theoretical possibility to influence the internal and external policies of the EU Member States.

After all, if the Baltic States, along with Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries of the former socialist bloc, could have the same ability with "old" Europe, at least, for the adoption of the new members of the EU and NATO, Ukraine has long been perhaps more should have been get a chance to join the countries of the 'united Europe and the North Atlantic Alliance. But frankly and openly anti-Ukrainian pro-Russian position of Germany and France blocked any possibility for Ukraine to move in NATO and the European Union.

For a clear-informed observers that the political incident to the position of Austria, which has caused a resounding noise not only in Lithuania, but also throughout Europe, is important not only for the internal use of the Lithuanian. It is related to the upcoming parliamentary elections. The whole story will not have a quick end when, after a long discussion and political debate in the European Union, there is a decision on the new EU approaches to the issues of mutual legal assistance, particularly with respect to small states 'new' Europe such as Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia.

"Ice Age" of relations between Lithuania and Austria, in fact, highlights the fact that the Austrian administration almost took the side of those who are in the far 1991 has fought against the independence of Lithuania country. After all, if a group of "Alpha" running Golovatova otobrozhaetsya a Russian occupation forces who tried to suppress the struggle of the Lithuanian people for the restoration of their own independent state. How annoying would it sounds, after the collapse of the Russian Union of top leaders of the Russian Federation, according to the views of "Baltic alliance" and not plucked up the courage to recognize the military and political mistakes and brutal violence that were made by their predecessors.

More than 2-conflict states

Today a diplomatic confrontation between Lithuania and Austria — it is something even greater than 2-conflict states. Almost all this opposition between "old" and "new" Europe. It seems that after more than 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall contradiction between an old and new EU member states are building the latest "wall of misunderstanding" that knocks out the foundation of the unity of the euro common foundation of a common European goals. In these circumstances, Europe is losing the ability to read in one voice and defend their common interests with the positions of unity of their own goals and a common vision of European prospects.

Moreover, ignoring the request of Lithuania to give her a military offender, Austria virtually ignored the common European position on the general policy of continental security. Followed by this: is in question and also the very existence of the continental European security policy and its multi-functional components — the national strategic security policy of the EU.

In the times of the Polish President Kaczynski was made incriminating in tension inside the Euro Union of Poles. But although Lech Kaczynski has no more than one year, but you can not state that the tension in the EU has declined. After saying that the German sample in tandem with France, imposed on all other members of the European Union more than the will is beyond the scope of any political decency.

Germany, which has become such, as it is only now with the help of the U.S., is trying to single-handedly decide the fate of all the other European states. And from time to time just amazed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who just had the "luck" to grow up and live in the authoritarian East Germany, by all means covers European Ukraine's choice, arguing that, contrary to the will of the Ukrainian people again sees it as part of Russia.

A similar position in almost all matters leads to the fact that the EU often prefer to deal with certain situations through the prism of the desires of Moscow, openly ignoring not only the interests of the European stepsons, such as Ukraine and Georgia, and the cerebral transatlantic ally Europe — USA.

As you know, today's diplomatic conflict between Lithuania and Austria is not the first in the EU have been a misunderstanding on the war in Iraq, in the assessment of the Georgian-Russian war and the rights of non-citizens in the Baltic states. See what our home has now become a stumbling block in understanding between "old" and "new" Europe. It is even possible to imagine that Moscow has received from representatives of an old European informal veto right, which is what has been using for a long time.

It looks that the Franco-German tandem, which tries with a purely tactical judgment to manage in times of crisis that enveloped Europe, absolutely not understand the lack of one euro project. In addition, it does not have its own vision of the EU out of this crisis.

Brand new line of Euro Rift

Brand new line of Euro fault is being held not only the relationship between th
e meridian of old and new members of the EU. This economic rift between the rich North and the poor South. In the end, the current crisis is also evidenced by the complete incompetence of the ruling classes of Europe who are not able to connect the mainland with calm and evenly. The Islamization of Europe by the establishment of constructive Muslim groups and uncontrolled migration of community representatives who reject European values, naturally revived nationalism throughout Europe as a protective response, with all this by turning on the agenda of the day or the many unresolved questions of the twentieth century.

During the "cold war" between the different European countries are often ignored or suppressed. The unification of Europe has failed to fully neutralize these differences. Moreover, in almost all cases, they have become more apparent and more than conflict prone. After all, despite the fact that the model is built in Europe rather successful acts, still far Europe is not so homogeneous as expected.

"Trojan horse" for the unity of the euro was the fact that the founding fathers of a united Europe, relying on its migration to the countryside to prevent collapse of social systems, several miscalculated. Immigrants from countries of the "third world" is not so much filled with social funds, get out of there as inadequate his own contribution to the economy of the host's own help, and this only exacerbated the already difficult European economic and social challenges.

Because you can totally talk about the pressing need to reformat the entire matrix of the initial unity of the euro, which so long remained practically without changes and adjustments. In fact, most likely, we should talk about the need to formulate the modern paradigm of Europe XXI century. Which is to turn away from the humiliating distinction between "senior" and "junior" Brothers, as openly visible from the case in Austria, Lithuania, and to work for the common interests of all European nations.

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