Where and when a UFO appeared in the Kama




"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 30.12.2003, Perm, nn241-242

About 20 years ago in the center of the lake village of Sala dropped object like a meteorite. After his fall in the lake water is boiling, and another two hours above the village swirling steam. After a year in the Sala strange things began to happen: people began to observe annually the appearance of strange flying objects. The clearest image of a UFO was filmed on a digital camera June 25, 1999. The flying object was shaped like a "saucer" of dark color with a shiny dome. The Japanese, who analyzed the images have come to the conclusion that the flying object is not an object of our technological civilization.

In June 2002, there is a distance of two meters was captured polutorametrovy black ball. Ball first hesitated, swaying in the magnetic flux, and then sharply to the left side.

In the spring of 2003 in the Sala operators removed the classic dish, similar to an elongated saucer. The object about two minutes billowing over the forest, and then abruptly changed the trajectory and disappeared.

April 29, 2002 UFO flew directly over the stadium in Perm "Energy".

In August 2003, in the fields near the village appeared Lobanov geometric shapes of felled wheat.

The village Molebka also repeatedly observed unidentified flying objects. A search team has recorded in this area is full of anomalies: the hollow, burnt like a laser beam, the fields that are warmer than ten meters away from her, strangely fallen trees.
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