Where on their rocket our superdvigatel. Article declaration to the authorities of the probable treason

Where on their rocket our superdvigatel.  Article declaration to the authorities about possible treasonEveryone remembers what a struggle for the technology was conducted from the early days of the missile era. It so happened that initially succeeded in rocket German designers, and even in the days of bloody battles, when Reddish Army and allies, overcoming fierce resistance Nazis advanced into Germany, was standing in front of spices task of finding everything associated with the technology secret project FAA.

Since the beginning of gallakticheskoy era in the Soviet Union and the United States did not have anything more private than the national missile secrets of creation. Rocket Science has become a major aspect of the military power of their membership of a range of super powers.

How is it that a country that for the first time opened the space that launched astronaut delivered to the Moon rovers and creates gallakticheskie station — this race ultimately lost?

You can, of course, a nod to the restructuring and the subsequent destruction of the country, a sharp reduction in funds for astronautics. But the reason is not only a lack of financing. During the Russian war happened stateliness and more difficult — but techno race we won with the Reich.

Zahav on this question reveals quite a unique documentary film "Rocket, who came in from the cold", released in the U.S. in 2001.

"Unique" — so the Yankees could not even imagine it somehow veil the facts straight, in my opinion, betrayal of public interests of the Russian Federation a number of those involved in its gallakticheskim secrets. (This, of course, directors were convinced of the irreversibility of our surrender to the West).

We are talking about mind-boggling for American designers of technology "closed" rocket engines NK-33, designed for medium S.Kuznetsovym H-1 in Samara Russian "lunar program."

That's what they say about themselves South American species:

— Given slider… Led to a revision of all gallakticheskih U.S. technology …

— We do not know … these technologies …

-This is … the best engines on the planet. Western scientists have believed that technology unfeasible …

-Russian experts at … more 20 years ago made the technology to the real days of hard-Yankees …

-… Let someone tries to explain why, in the United States so far are wasting a lot of money to develop the technology left behind another Russian first 60s of the last century …

-We …, experts had no idea how to do it … Russian

-This level … in the United States found it impossible …

Perhaps that's enough. Ecstatic recalled to the address of NK-33 from the American engineers more than enough. And it's worth it. Sure. Slider very best exceed standards for western power 10 — 15, and in efficiency — 25% for all. His secret is that the recycled gas from the turbine, which turns the fuel pumps at NC-33 not reset "overboard", reducing the share of fuel, and head straight into the combustion chamber. What also greatly increases the power of the motor. No one in the West was able to translate this idea into a working model. All samples were brought to an immediate explosion and led to the conviction of the impossibility of creation engine for such scheme. Russian designers have developed its serial production.

Fascinating history, as the U.S. got hold NC-33.

The creators of the film does not hide the fact that he learned of the existence of intelligence.

"We knew that there was something there — but had no idea how to approach this …

Barriers seemed insurmountable … "But under the right contacts, we coped with them …"

These "right" contacts "at the moment well-known. At least, for me. Those "contacts" led that even the report of the State Commission on the flight first astronaut was on the auction for the ocean.

When the Americans came in stock Samara KB, as they say themselves, their "jaws dropped." They saw the "forest of engines." There they stood more than 60 units. Next — the "right contacts." And all NC-33 were sold to the United States.

Would have looked like if all the trophy in 1945 F-2, imported from German storage facilities in the Soviet Union, were transferred to the Yankees?

What came to our technique is superior to even such a comparison scale of cynicism and the damage to the public interest.

South american film shows footage as their ICBMs potentially "aimed at Russia" and curb Russian "moonlight engine" conducts successful test launch.

"In the drama of destiny" — the words of the commentator.

When you run this ICBM is imposing Russian representative, whom I identify as N. Kopteva, the head of Russian Aerospace Agency. (In the address it then there have been many allegations of injury flooding gallakticheskoy Russian station "Mir" — not without energetic tips from the American "partners").

Russian special at the start of U.S. military rockets, curb our engine? Who came here with the brain?

I do not mind sharing of technologies and technical cooperation. With the world. If it does not harm my country. But it is not so long ago, the U.S. did not allow purchase of Russian "Opel" — Comment out as a South American intelligence "in a purely commercial transaction politics intervened. States could not prevent the admission of the Russian Federation to the modern automotive technology. "

A rocket science — is that competition balalaika?

That's not all.

Flight of Russian heavy-duty rocket "Energy" is not in vain. For the Yankees. Its slider RD-180, manufactured by the suburban "Energomash" at this point raises to space their "Atlases". Those that are delivered to the Mars rovers.

RD-180 — cryogenic made as "a closed circuit." So powerful that it is set to "Atlas" only one — instead of 4 production of "Lockheed."

And we are still looking for leverage over America?

…And my article, please consider the statement in Russian investigative authorities to verify whether the fact of treason and probable transmission of a possible enemy of our technology hidden in the material set forth above.

Sergey Nikulin, veteran rocket and gallakticheskih troops. He was born in 1952. He graduated from the Military-Political Academy Lenin. Member of the Supreme Council of Crimea, managing faction "Russia", Chairman of the same committee on municipal construction, law, law and order, the minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Chairman of the public organization "Union: Soviet officers of the Crimea."

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