Where to go with the child?

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What we do expect it to work? That's right, leave. To relax, people. Stay, finally, with your family and get away from work and everyday life. But the long-awaited vacation is approaching, and the main question was not resolved. Where to go to parents with a child — so that the rest and health gain, and new experiences?

It turns out that this is not such a simple question, and (that was not painfully sorry for the time spent and money) at the same time you need to consider many different factors.

All in good time

The child's age — a very important factor in choosing a route.


The smallest (about one year), some doctors do not recommend to take out more suburban villa. Butif you really want to get out somewhere with an infant, choose a similar climate and a short hop (not all kids are well tolerated by plane).

And, of course, desirable that the place was quite civilized — child needs to be there to feed, change clothes and put them to bed. Not to do in this case no wheelchair-transformer, in which the young traveler will be able to sleep during the walks.

From one year to three

For grown-up children (one to three) still relevant problems of acclimatization and nutrition. But since they already own move, pay attention to where they will go. Which they will beach (gravel or sand)? Which sex in the hotel (smooth tiles will not work)? There are no high steps on the porch of a private home? Water should be clean, not "blossom", and, of course, no jellyfish, sea urchins and coral.

Children up to three years for a summer vacation will suit well-known southern resorts in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Crimea, and at any time of the year — central Russia, Moscow. A great option — lake resorts of Germany and Austria, especially where there are special Kinder Hotels (They are equipped for babies, for example, warm and quite shallow pools with a few slides).

From four to ten

At the age of four to ten children become interested in a variety of entertainment, which is usually associated beach vacation. Similar programs are in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Greece.


Independent teens crave a break from the "ancestors". If you still scary to let go of my child in independent travel, you can find an option where children live apart from their parents in youth camps and meet when, you want to. For example, in Cyprus or Croatia, it is safe enough.

Goals and Objectives

It would seem a strange question — why are you going? Of course, the rest! But, as it turned out, rest one realizes in its own way.

For example, if your goal — a quiet family recreation away from the noise of the city, you can go (no, not to the country, as you think), but, for example, in a comfortable cottage in Finland. Here, you and the blessings of civilization, and at one with nature.

Children weakened by frequent colds, doctors recommend to take out to the sea — to the restoration and strengthening of the body. In this case, the drive sense not less than three weeks. For the rest fit again resorts of the northern Caucasus and the Crimea, and from abroad, for example, Crete.

If you want to relax, not only with children, but also on the children, pay attention to the animation software — and, of course, preferably with a Russian animator, who will take your treasure for a long time. Turkey has long been known as such. Incidentally, the Russian-speaking nanny in Turkish hotel — not fancy, you only find out in advance if there are any in your hotel.

Educational tours — perhaps the most interesting. Here you can choose the route or at the mercy of the tour operator. And, in fact, is not exciting — to study the myths of ancient Greece, ancient temples by walking about? But keep in mind, if you go for the first time with the child on a long trip, try to make it not too tired toddler and alternate tours, information packed, with a calm, measured rest.

Sometimes you just want to take a walk on the fabulously beautiful city, the city of your dreams and discover it for your child. Such trips are more suitable for children after seven years. The kids still will not appreciate all the charm of architecture, and long walks tiring for little legs. But the older children to the pleasure of meeting with you to Prague, Paris, Zurich, Berlin or Munich.

Winter and summer

And, of course, it is important when you plan to leave. Traditional summer travel "at sea" may move to the next spring or autumn months, after the summer there will be too hot. Children under five years old is better not to be on the street when the temperature exceeds 25C. Therefore, in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria better not to go in the heat.

To Children with allergies, Conversely, the most dangerous time of the year is spring — a period of rapid flowering. It provokes pollinoses exacerbates asthma. For these kids is optimal rest in autumn season — the second half of August (for the Crimea) or September (for the countries of the Mediterranean) until November.

If the holiday falls on a long-awaited winter, it's not so scary and depressing as it seems at first glance. Suitable for a winter holiday resorts of Moscow region. Fresh air and you are guaranteed there is no problem of acclimatization and long road, however, the prices are not that low, and the service leaves much to be desired. You can go to the fabulous Finland — a visit to the real Santa Claus. If your baby does not yet have three years, will suit a quiet family holiday in a cottage (especially in the company of your friends), and for older children, in Finland there are a lot of entertainment and Christmas attractions.

If you are an ardent admirer of skiing and is not going to spend a holiday away from children, then pay attention to Austria. It was there that not only has excellent skiing, but also mentioned Kinder Hotels — With special nutrition for lactating mothers, baby bath, baby bottles, changing tables, baby monitors and many other useful things. Comfortable and safe stay here you will be guaranteed.

If acclimatization does not scare you, you can take off from winter to summer. For example, in Egypt. But then you have to spend at least two weeks to baby able to adapt to a new environment, enjoy the sun and sea. Infour or five-star hotels usually provide high chairs, bottles, warm up baby food for infants and for older kids offer a special children's menu (just do not forget to specify, does it include curds, yogurt and cereal or exclusively french fries andCoca-cola).

In short, leave, as well as any other important event, it is important to plan and prepare well. And then he will be able to fame.

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