Who are the witches and where to find them




The classic image of a fairy Baba Yaga absorbed the entire set of perceptions and prejudices about witches. Old, ugly and insidious with maniacal passion for killing and muck smaller.

Few people know that the word "witch" is derived from the ancient "because" — knowledge. All cultures were attributed to the witch about the same quality. A woman could have been born to be a witch or her into adulthood.

Innate ability to witchcraft usually got it from Mother Witch by inheritance, or a witch if she and her mother were born out of wedlock, or if the mother is feeding the daughter more than two years (three great Friday).

Acquire the ability to witchcraft could, entering into relationship with the devil (deliberately, for secret knowledge and unconsciously succumbing to his exhortations). Each witch was a special mark on the body. It was considered a sign anything — the mole, wart, or any other physical abnormality.

The main occupation of the people was considered a witch deterioration of livestock. Cull cows milk, fat pigs, eggs from the chickens was considered for it as natural and vital as appropriate the crop. If the children are crying, capricious, ill or dying — look witch, it's her fault. And as drought, flood, fire, etc.

In the early Middle Ages, has been developing their belief in the devil, and as a result, there is a fear of his handmaidens — the witches. This fear has led the church to begin an active struggle against evil. Witchhunt tried to lead this institution lawfully, which contributed to the active development of legal papers on the subject. The main was the creation of the monks Sprenger and Institoris called "Hammer of Witches."

This essay is replete with interesting facts about the life of witches. For example, according to this treatise, witches — those who reject faith in the Holy Trinity and the enemy of everything that comes from God. They worship the devil. Dedication is a witch in a dunghill, and baptized in boiling water.

Several million women have been victims of this nonsense. In Russia, such hysteria was observed. However, she is not done without fires. For example, in 1411 in Pskov burned dozens of "prophetic zhenok."

Now classes witchcraft is not only not prosecuted, but even generate revenue. Around the world, a variety grandmother, healer and fortune teller come to the aid of those who suffer.

In Tanzania, the newspaper produced entirely dedicated to the magic. In this country, a belief in the magical power is particularly strong and publication enjoyed unprecedented success. The aims of the paper are simple — to conduct explanatory work among the population, for example, how to distinguish the true healer of the charlatan.

A Romanian authorities have decided to make their own way to the dark forces. The famous Count Dracula and Bran Castle in Transylvania had to bring up the country's flagging economy due to the flow of tourists.

The castle now looks like the backdrop for famous Hollywood films, and after the construction of the theme park, expect the Romanian authorities, from the tourists will not rebound. The only problem is the copyrighted character, bought Universal Pictures, which mean that Bucharest for the use of the image of the graph will have to pay.


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