Who can understand a woman without words?

For many important processes in the female body responsible hormones. They can affect our well-being, mood, tone and even the appearance! When a woman's hormones are normal, we feel full of energy and strength, our companions are the youth and beauty of the skin, PMS does not overshadow life, menopause takes place smoothly and unobtrusively.

And what if the hormones are produced irregularly or not enough? Suffer from chronic fatigue, self-dissatisfaction, fear anticipate the arrival of critical days (and with them, and irritability), tolerate quirks of the body during menopause?

— Certainly not! And that is absolutely right for women set FEMIKAPS!

FEMIKAPS helps to cope with the hormonal discord in the body and establish the woman's life in all directions! Playing the role of a genius director, FEMIKAPS "understands" the female body like no other.

The complex was developed jointly by Russian and Finnish scientists. FEMIKAPS — it's a whole philosophy of the female body, the quintessence of beauty, youth and health.

With a rich collection of plant components, vitamins and trace elements of broad-spectrum FEMIKAPS able to comprehensively regulate a number of mechanisms to maintain a balance.

One of the valuable components FEMIKAPSA — extract of Vitex Sacred, known since the days of antiquity as "the female plant." Modern medicine is interested in this plant, and the study of its properties revealed that Vitex contains special substances phytoestrogens that can normalize the level of the female hormone progesterone, and modulate the secretion of prolactin. That is why today Vitex has been successfully used in patients with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, amenorrhea, lack of lactation, infertility. Phytoestrogens, which contains a plant that are analogous to our female hormones. They do not cause side effects, and are soft and delicate, as regulators.

Evening primrose oil — Another active component FEMIKAPSA. Evening primrose is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (about 10%) and has a powerful rejuvenating effect. However, its properties are not limited thereto, as Primrose — a storehouse of nutrients. It is widely used in various hormonal disorders, lipid metabolism, menstrual cycle, age, menopausal disorders. Evening primrose has a beneficial effect on the condition of the mammary glands in chronic mastopathies, fibroids and even promotes the resorption of small cysts. Considering the influence on the skin primrose, it should be noted beneficial effects in diseases such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, multiple allergies.

Passionflower extract, part of the FEMIKAPSA, has long been known as a remedy for insomnia, headaches, nervous system diseases. Passionflower effectively results in a balance emotional background, improves sleep, relieves muscle tension, and acts as a mild relaxing agent.

Vitamin E in the FEMIKAPSA — is the strongest antioxidant that protects our cells from damaging free radicals. Vitamin E is the custodian of our youth, elasticity and skin tone. Because vitamin E smooth fine wrinkles, skin becomes fresh and healthy.

Magnesium and Vitamin B6 involved in the regulation of the nervous system, helping to align the mood without letting it happen sharp shock. Moreover, these components reduce water retention, edema, respectively outgoing and severity.

All components of the complex and interrelated FEMIKAPS selected in such a way as to constitute a single system that addresses the important issues of the female body.

FEMIKAPS competent doctors recommend and advise friends.

Women's health depends on the balance of the basic processes in her body. Therefore FEMIKAPS may be the first step to beauty, emotional balance and perfect health.

FEMIKAPS — in tune with a woman's body!

Made in Finland.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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