Why Astrakhantsev be fingerprinted?


10.10.12.Okazyvaetsya for what would have to be fingerprinted, Astrakhan enough to have home access to the Internet, because the service is available on the website of state services. If contact with the internet you do not want, you can apply to the district police department in the community with a minimum package of documents: a written application, a passport or a birth certificate, a document confirming the fact of adoption, custody or guardianship.

Be fingerprinted to those who worry about their loved ones. Indeed, in the case of missing person is very easily identified by the papillary pattern. Police said the Astrakhan daily rent their fingerprints. Thereby protecting their children and relatives.

After the surrender of prints, note issued to citizens. "Fingers" of the citizen while loaded into a special automated system. There it is stored until a person 80 years of age. Any applicant may request to destroy their data, generates the appropriate notification.

The police have assured that the information store, where they can accumulate fingerprint cards have several levels of protection and are equipped with special safety programs. So no one can use the fingerprint illegal.

Recall: A procedure to fingerprint registration is done in the form of public service, which is a voluntary and completely free.


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