Wind farms can affect climate change

Wind farms can contribute to climate change Scientists have shown

According to new research, wind farms can influence the Earth's climate. To be precise, the new technology of obtaining energy involved in the increase in global temperature.

Usually at night the air closest to the earth's surface to several meters in height and more cold. Due to this cool and the soil itself. But near the large wind farms, where the turbine blades are constantly working, warm air from higher layers goes down and causes a general rise in temperature. It sounds quite convincing, because based on this principle, some farmers are trying to avoid ground morning frost over their gardens by night over land helicopters work to their upper screws stirred warm air and cold ground-level, keeping the soil zaindevet.

Windmills fever.

According to data from the satellite, explore the central and western part of the state of Texas, where are four world's largest windmills, it was clear that in the last few years (from 2003 to 2011), the night temperature in the region rose to 0,72 ° C with increasing number of used turbines average daily changes were less significant. This jump in the future may affect the state of Texas wildlife near mills affect weather patterns in favor of increased wind speeds and increased cloudiness, and hence the humidity.

Overall, the researchers tend to believe that this effect is more local in nature and its negative impact is not as great as it might seem. But it is certainly an example of anthropogenic global warming.

In China, every day is put into operation 36 new turbines. Texas is the largest supplier of wind energy in the United States.

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