Woman conjured fire




A mysterious story happened in the Bronx. 41-year-old woman came to 62-year-old owner of the apartment on North Street. It seems that for the session "spiritual cleansing" as it is called in the police files. In case are lighted candles and tarot cards. But there was a fire, and a guest died. As investigators believe, before that she inhale some ritual incense.

At about 7:00 pm police patrolling in the area, heard muffled screams coming a from an apartment on the second floor. There they found the woman. She was lying unconscious on the kitchen floor with burns and severe body injury on his forehead. Investigators said it was probably tossed around the apartment, trying to extinguish the flames, and fell, hit his head.

Landlady was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, with second-degree burns on his right hand. The investigation is continuing.


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