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Wang once confirmed by Svetlana Kuleshov from Sochi really see the internal organs

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" on February 21 announced the congress of people with a unique gift: shine through people and see their internal organs. At the congress, which will take place in our editorial this summer, we will try to find scientific evidence of psychics abilities and arrange mass screening diagnosis and treatment of our readers.

In the meantime, we present the delegates. The first was Natasha Demkina from Saransk ("KP" on February 7), through whose hands in her 17 years have passed, hundreds of patients. The second was Constantine Poludnitsin from Kiev, who "lit" presidents — Bush and Putin. At first he saw a crack on the left edge of the third, and the second — in the heart of the problem.

Today we present another participant.


Svetlana Kuleshov lives in Sochi. She arrived in the Krasnodar region of Loc Tula region. 28 years. Married to the son of five years. Social worker working in Sochi night school № 3. She graduated from medical school in Novomoskovsk and the Department of Psychology of the Russian Academy of regional university education. Its unique capabilities and a half months tested at the Center for Clinical Immunology, Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Tula Regional Hospital. Experts were shocked by the results: the description of the disease and pathological changes in the body of sick people were infallible. The deceased clairvoyant Vanga, which went Svetlana, appreciated her gift.

To believe in the extraordinary power of such a young and fragile girl at first glance it is difficult. Nothing witchcraft. Charming, open face, green eyes from the light bangs. Iѕ weighty patients file for nearly fifteen years of "non-traditional" activities.

— When did you first realize that you can see through a person?

— At 12 years of age. Immediately after the baptism with me strange things began to happen. For example, after a funeral service at the funeral of my grandfather, I suddenly saw his transparent body rose up and "gone" in the cemetery. Later in the hospital, passing by the patient waiting for their turn, I "saw" that she had cancer of the stomach. Then it was confirmed by oncologists that I said about his observation.

— Constantly "shine" through people?

— Now if I have to. Learned to shut down. And before that time.

— The bodies are visible as black-and-white or color photos?

— Rather as a darkened, as if something is in the box. Sometimes I see them in motion, such as the heart is pumping. It's like seeing a person in the context of: his brain, blood vessels, organs. I have these moments as the zombie. If there is no pathology, then do not consider further. If the body has a dense structure such as the liver, and there is the seal, then begin to penetrate deep into the probe.

Sveta's first marriage was a failure. Husband strongly objected against the "non-traditional" activities of his wife.

— He thought it was witchcraft, which exhausts me. He said that people like me, used to burn at the stake.

But the gift of something in the ground is not zaroesh. Three years later, the family split up. Maybe the husband was afraid to be in the morning until the evening is illuminated by a live x-ray? Suddenly she sees not only the authorities but also the thought of reading?

Then the light went to Sochi and created a new family.

— Now "zondiruesh" people?

— Yes but only close.

…Hope Kuleshov, mother Amy, lives in Novomoskovsk, Tula region, working in the dental office:

— I'm talking about the X-ray girl Natasha from Saransk Demkina read, and I think it the same gift that my daughter. And he emerged with almost the same age. What is surprising, at 14 years of Light suddenly start correctly "speak" medical terms. Explain her gift, I can not but believe that the Light as a living x-rays, shines through.


Sveta's "X-ray" safe

Head of the Department of Novomoskovskaya city clinic neurologist Albina Strogonov:

— It appears that Svetlana sees organs and structures of the human body is literally at the anatomical level — down to the smallest changes in the walls of blood vessels. Of modern instrumental studies is only capable scanners and endoscopes. She notices the slightest manifestation of disease in organs, perfectly describes the reflecting layers of their condition, and natural colors. For example, the bile ducts in the liver, intestinal peristalsis. In other words, what is important to know the doctor for treatment of functional diseases of the internal organs of the violation of their motor skills. But diagnostic hardware techniques involve serious interference in the patient's body: the radiation dose in computed tomography, endoscopic procedures are painful. "Method" is Svetlana Kuleshova safe in all respects.

Psychics are not infinite possibilities!

Khadartsev Alexander, MD, Professor, Dean of the Medical Faculty of the Tula State University, Director of Research of new medical technologies.

— Alexander Agubechirovich, have you checked the Light of the X-ray. She's lying?

— Partially.

— It does that mean?

— So that similarly can "see" the organs and other trained people. I can not, for example, only the smell to determine which body sick.

— But you are a pro! And she just graduated from medical school.

— She has a degree of "guessing" and treatment was the same as in acupuncture. We asked psychics, among which was the Light, and specialists in acupuncture diagnose six patients at a distance. And the percentage of errors was their equal! None of them, for example, was unable to determine that one of the patients retrosternal tumor. So the possibilities are limited psychics.

— But other experts put it higher scores.

— Frankly, in some tests of Light was on top. For example, during the inspection of the dead she could not say which one of them died on the 3rd day, and who is 9 days ago.

— How do you explain this?

— There are people who hear well — more sounds than normal people. But others feel more. It is known that there are effects of physical fields. Maybe people feel their X-Ray. But the extent to which they "see" and is diagnosed? It is not yet clear. They need to learn! But they often refuse to study, go to earn their gift and as a result lose their talent.

Visits to Vanga

One famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga was Svetlana as … ghost, and called for a visit.

— I was 15 years old — says the World. — When I was sitting at home and watching TV in the room and suddenly there she told me that I have to meet her. I learned a ghost Wang.

Three days have issued a passport, bought tickets and came to the Seer in the mountain town of Rupite, where she was to move out to her from all over the world suffering. Usually people wait in line to Vanga month. Svetlana Wang also took at once. Always laconic and categorical in their judgments, she said unequivocally:

— Will cure all diseases. Especially good — nervous. There will come a time — you will be very strong.

Wang then asked him to "see" himself and was satisfied. And the next day introduced the Light with the Bulgarian girl Daniela, who "talked" with spirits and had not eaten for weeks — drank only water. The parents were in despair. Wang tried to help her, but she could not. Asked the Light. Daniela recovered — had one conversation between the two peers. Then the Light has twice been staying at Vanga, and she even sent her his patients.


$ 5,000 to anyone who can predict the future!

International Academy proskopicheskih (proscopia — is clairvoyance. — Ed.) Science and editing of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a contest for people who have the gift of clairvoyance. Before May 1, send us a letter to the editor with the predictions that have to happen before November 1, 2004. On this day, exactly six months later, we rip up the envelope and find out whether these prophecies have come true. Projections should be of four types:

policy — changes in the government;
household — the personal lives of famous people;
emergencies — accidents, disasters, terrorism.

For accurate prediction, we declare PRIZE — $ 5,000. Editorial address: ul. "Truth", 24, 6th floor. Telephone (095) 257-59-53. E-mail: kuzina@kp.ru

Svetlana COUSIN March 11, 2004

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