Zeitgeist in Russia. UEC and microchip Russians


Most of my respondents either do not know about what is happening, or are skeptical of microchips in Russia, leaving this prerogative of Europeans and Americans. However, the future is today.

Decree on the implementation of microchips in Russia for podpisan.Universalnaya Electronic Map — 1st stage chipping Russians — will be introduced nachalsya.Kak microchips Russians? Voluntary or compulsory?
In the United States in August 2011 attempted mass chipping soldiers of the armed forces.
Chipping animals in Russia is already practiced.
Who's next?
This video is a private view and forecasts for the next decade and the following relation of Russia (created with the purpose of information and education.)
Leave your opinion after watching.

Extras. Information: The Modern State (aka corporation) controls the funds through an ATM (in the plans for change Chipomaty). Tracking cash. flow through ATMs, monitor human rights.
"Changing the situation with those who control you, you've changed it to those in control of what it itself."

Uploaded NSlavaK, date: 31.08.2011

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