1st Marine Corps Air Base received F-35B

The first Marine Corps Air Base received F-35B

Yesterday, November 16th at 13:05 local time on the air base Hume pieces. Arizona accomplished the first landing of the F-35B — BF-19 side. In the cockpit during a flight from the airfield industrial company Lockheed Martin was a major ILC Eric Lieberman.

Manufacturing to expand uchebki "Lightning II" were made on the basis of Hume whole year, namely, the fall of one of the first established new training equipment. After acceptance, the following week plane will join the squadron VMFA-121 "Green Knights" 3'go wing of the Marine Corps — the first "ordinary" drill of received F-35 in the middle of all the armed forces. In the coming years squadron focus on retraining staff and pilots on the new plane.

The first Marine Corps Air Base received F-35B

This is a very important event: F-35 runs from operating in special centers to service on ordinary air bases — by the end of the year and join the Air Force, their uchebka unfolds at Nellis Air Force Base in sht.Nevada, the home of "Aggressors" pilotazhnikov Thunderbirds and one of the primary schools Air Force States. It is significant that the Marines did not even wait for the official announcement of the results of inspections to check the safe operation of the aircraft.

Later Hume will be one of the largest databases F-35 in the country: 5 drill will be deployed squadrons and 16 aircraft each and one test and training of 8 aircraft.

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