A hole in the sky — a phenomenon even has a scientific name!




The giant hole that appeared in a uniform layer of clouds over the city of Mobile (Alabama, USA), has forced scientists to think about. Experts meteorologists believe that there was a hole where the ice crystals from overflying aircraft sank through the cloud, making it forming water droplets evaporate. Experts believe that the cause of this phenomenon is the process associated with the process of seeding clouds used to create rain over agricultural fields.

The unusual phenomenon was observed on December 11 last year. Strictly speaking, the scientific name for this phenomenon is not, and what it was — is the subject of meteorological reasoning. One hypothesis is that the hole formed a falling ice crystals trapped in the exhaust air from airplanes. Perhaps this was air temperature and the desired humidity level to the falling crystals absorb moisture from the air and grown.

Moisture is drawn from the air could then increase the evaporation of water droplets of clouds, which is almost gone, and in its place was a large hole. Thin clouds that can be seen under the hole, may consist of heavier ice crystals that have fallen out of the hole evaporates before reaching the ground.

Battery News, 22/01/2004 16:41
Source: KM.ru

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