A new tropical storm near the Philippines

A new tropical storm near the Philippine Weather and Climate

To the east of the Philippine Islands in the 796 km of Manila discovered a new tropical cyclone Doksuri. Wind speed in the system reaches 65 km / h, had more powerful gusts of up to 83 km / h It is predicted that most of the precipitation falls in the central and southern part of the Philippines.

At the moment, the cyclone is moving west-northwest at a speed of 28 km / h Especially to fear rapidly gaining strength, the storm northern Luzon. All residents of low-lying and mountainous areas are warned of the impending tropical storm, can cause regular floods and landslides.
Presumably, the storm will bring to the islands in diameter, 400 km away from its core 15-25 mm of rain per hour, which is an impressive performance for the mobilization. All seafarers in the harbors of Luzon and Visayas Islands advised not to leave the port in order to avoid accidents in the combined residues from the current storm Dindo and new — Doksuri.
There is evidence that on reaching the south of Taiwan new storm will lose its status, however, the rains will be powerful enough. After passing the island at the end of the week Doksuri headed south China to Hong Kong, which is already on the brink of disaster due to tropical storms.

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