A week UFO flying over the Urals




Bright glowing object in the night sky for several days watching people Kachkanar (Sverdlovsk region). In the archives of the citizens there were even a few videos and pictures featuring an alien body.
As the correspondent "New Region", the first signals to local newspapers, and even law enforcement agencies from concerned kachkanartsev started to arrive a few days ago. Anecdotal evidence is very similar: about seven o'clock in the evening on the star appears in the sky a luminous ball, with closer examination it can be seen inside the hexagon green-red. By the size of the UFO is much larger and brighter than ordinary stars. The mysterious object is in constant, slow motion, at 23:00 starts to move away to the west.
According to eyewitnesses, who now follow daily the night sky, there is a luminous body every three days at one and the same time. Townspeople say that everyone is able to capture the object on the camcorder or camera.
Now one of the local newspapers — "Kachkanarsky working" — is preparing a special edition dedicated entirely mysterious unidentified object. Journalists say they had only to announce in the newspaper search witnesses a strange phenomenon as the editor literally attacked. In the archives of the newspaper has already accumulated a lot of photos and eyewitness accounts.
According to the staff, "Kachkanarskogo working," one of the headings special edition will be devoted to the experts, most of them categorically deny the presence in the sky Kachkanarsky unusual interplanetary body. According to them, the result of large-scale exercises of the Russian Federation Air Force, which according to various sources, are in these days. Meanwhile, a number of experts said that the Perm and Sverdlovsk region has long been a place of abnormal central Russia. On the border regions there are so-called Ural anomalous zone, also known as "M-Zone Skye" or "M-sky triangle" (M-zone). Every year there are more and more new witnesses who say they saw an unidentified flying object, and even captured it on a photo-video medium.


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