Aerobatic team Russian Knights after a six-year hiatus, a flash of skill in the sky over Zhuhai

Aerobatic team "Russian Knights" after a six-year hiatus, a flash of skill in the sky over ZhuhaiThe real sensation produced aircraft group aerobatics "Russian Knights", speaking now to the international aerospace exhibition in Zhuhai South Chinese town. At 5 languid Su-27 Russian aces presented a half-hour program from abounding with complex elements. Thousands of ecstatic spectators have seen a virtuoso flying in the sky in box, counter acrobatics, barrel and other "wonders in the turns."

The previous time, "Russian Knights" appeared on the Zhuhai air show in 2006 alone. In general, the right to open today's show honored not they, but their Chinese counterparts aerobatic team "1st of August" Air Force of People's Liberation Army of China. They presented an immense flying program from 6 combat aircraft J-10 ("Jian-10"). This lightweight single-engine multirole fighter developed by Chinese designers with the help of Israel, was adopted in late 2006. These machines are equipped Russian turbofan engines (turbofan) AL-31FN.

His skill as in these days of show and European aces of aerobatic team "Breitling Jet Team". They perform the most complex figures in 7 training jet aircraft L-39.

Segodnyaschy exhibition in Zhuhai — the ninth since 1996 — was the most ambitious in the history of its implementation. Its products show here some 650 companies from 39 countries and regions. Total on the airfield to the audience is about 90 aircraft.

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