African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom

African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom Weather and Climate

For Durban, one of the largest cities in South Africa, suddenly swept incredible hail storm, the city covered the white "winter" shroud. Damaged many roofs city buildings, gardens, cars, plenty of trees turned inside the roots. It is surprising that some suburbs could avoid the Gradova cloud, for example, and Glenmore Vestvilyu. Injured same regions except heavy hail were also small flood after heavy rain preceded by hail, which brought up to 30 mm of rain in the first few minutes. Houses that escaped the hail strikes, flooded with water.

Thundercloud with hail.


Flooded houses in the courtyard Gleneshli.

Summer "winter" in Durban.
The temperature in the hot African city fell sharply to +18? C. Hail fell with such density that visibility dropped to a minimum value. According to witnesses, some hailstones reached 15 cm in diameter. Some parts of the city were without electricity, there is information about the collapse provoked coming water. The work of the local airport is in question.


Castle in the north Durban.

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