After the storm there is more ozone holes

After the storm there is more ozone holes Scientists prove

As the number of storms and their intensity increased due to heating of the Earth, the ozone hole over populated areas of the planet away from the poles can be so much more. It means that people will be affected by a stronger ultraviolet radiation that causes skin cancer — a new marker of global warming.

Mechanism would work as follows. When heated planets cyclones and storms will allocate to the stratosphere to a height of 14 to 35 km more gaseous water, a greenhouse agent. Under appropriate conditions, water vapor is able to catalyze chemical reactions with production of free radicals, chlorine and bromine, which negatively impact on the protective ozone layer by converting ozone molecules into oxygen.
The more steam will keep the atmosphere after many storms, and warmer air will be around, the thinner may be the ozone layer, which protects human skin and eyes from excessive solar radiation. Scientists believe that these are the "suitable" conditions now formed over the northern hemisphere, for example.
In the Arctic and Antarctic, where the ozone layer has thinned, like chemical reaction between steam and other substances in the atmosphere began to occur in the last century. But there is permafrost, and in the more southern parts of the hemispheric process starts in the summer.
If the storms continue to supply moisture to the stratosphere, every day level of loss of the ozone layer over populated parts of the world where these storms are, can reach 4-6%. The effect persists for several weeks after the last storm. Research will continue in order to establish a clear link between the increase in air temperature, water vapor and chlorine dangerous. If all theories are confirmed, researchers are confident that the probability of growth of skin cancer associated with global warming, to attract ordinary people to the environment and make them work for the benefit of the planet.

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