Aliens are likely to look like an ocean of Solaris




How might actually look like a creature from another planet? In a new book writers Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart are trying to find answers to these questions, reports NTR.Ru. The first thing, according to Jack Cohen, you need to understand, thinking about life on other planets, it will almost certainly not humanoids. Formation of the spine and skeleton, he said, is also an evolutionary accident, which may be a unique feature of evolution on Earth. Therefore, the authors reject the plausibility of the many aliens of Hollywood films and television series "The X-Files."

If the authors of the books and the film's director does not make humanoid alien, they turn them into monsters shaped, designed to replace the ghosts, vampires and werewolves. The best example of this kind of the authors of the book "Science of extraterrestrial life" (The Science of Extra-terrestrial Life) said the movie "Alien." The idea that the creature will wait for 12,000 years before the hatch from the eggs, and no one at this time, it will not eat, it is absurd, says the researcher. The ability to "foreign" to the instantaneous adaptation to the human immune system — is also an exaggeration. A similar kind of idea about the existence of aliens on Mars — the probability is extremely low.

However, the fact that the aliens are not like us, or that they do not live on Mars, does not mean they do not exist. "These aliens will be very different for us," — according to Cohen and Stewart. After all, life can be in different conditions than on a planet with plenty of water and oxygen.

Wherever there is a natural substance, and enough energy may be anything of sufficient complexity that may be considered "life." Perhaps the gas cloud on Jupiter or the "feeling of the sea", similar to the one depicted in the classic science fiction novel "Solaris". But only aliens who have grown up in an environment like that on Earth, may be interested in visiting our planet and make contact. Other, more exotic forms of extraterrestrial life may be here already, but we are not able to recognize them.


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