Aliens Muscovites on the drum




Last Wednesday, the UFO hovered over Moscow. From 6 to 7:00 pm glowing ball hovering over the Garden Ring in the metro "Park Kultury". Muscovites have little interest in the phenomenon did not show.

In the experiment to simulate a UFO was attended by representatives of the social and scientific organization "Kosmopoisk." Their purpose was to trace the reaction of people: whether they will notice in the metropolitan sky mysterious object? In the role of the latter gave inflated with helium white ball with a diameter of more than two meters, which was placed inside a powerful lamp. Flying on a chaotic trajectory spherical object could easily pass for something unusual. The reaction of Muscovites in different parts of the capital was monitored by observers: posts were occupied in the buildings of the Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the square outside the zoo, etc. "The experiment confirmed, Muscovites rarely look at the sky. First, a clear set in the capital there is little, secondly, if there is often bully head, you can get under the wheels, — says the coordinator of "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov. — And yet, some responses were received. However, the spread was more evidence: someone has managed to drive the ball to make out, someone saw one object instead of two. "

Muscovites wonders difficult to surprise. Metropolis, where the illumination does not stop all day, and at night, laser beams travel through the clouds, to the strangers — the most blessed place. They are here, and you can not hide — if that, for the sci-fi series will be shot. And yet where to call if you see something really unusual and abnormal? In France, in such cases, only be addressed to the gendarmerie (police have the necessary instructions) in the U.S. — Call 911. In the Russian capital, the procedure of the meeting with the aliens so far no one has thought. But what if they just descend to us? Again find ourselves out of work?

Photo of Edward Kudryavitsky

AIF Moscow 5,2004

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