Amazing tracks appeared again




The representative of "Kosmopoisk", who returned in early 2004 from a trip to Mongolia, reported on his examination of "Turtle Lake". Old legends and contemporary eyewitness testimony have argued that once a year (usually in late summer) on the banks of the legendary lake at night, there are certain sets of footprints of a large animal. The traces are very similar to the turtle, if not a "but" — large size: some reaching a width of 1 meter (with the usual signs of turtles band rarely wider than 30-40 cm). These turtles, say biologists, land does not exist. Large sea turtles thousands of miles from the sea? The remoteness of the lake, lost in the steppes does not allow to establish that traces.
For the first time a strange chain of "land-sea turtles" described the Soviet biologists in the 1980s. And though each morning they saw all the new bands fresh tracks, to see the animals themselves lake failed. Night shift with the use of night vision devices planned to be implemented in the following seasons, however, prevented the collapse of the Union including these undertakings. And now, after nearly twenty years of research "Kosmopoisk" confirmed — the theme is still relevant and is waiting to be explored. Now — a word for biologists who are interested in this topic!


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