American allies will fight instead of the U.S.

American allies will fight instead of the U.S.

Over the past 10 years, U.S. military doctrine to ensure public safety based on the organization and conduct special military operations. Priority was puzzles liquidation of terrorists, counter-insurgency and the elimination of threats to American policy in ostroproblemnyh regions. Soldiers of U.S. troops have acquired special purpose lot of experience and skill to hunt humans. In addition, during this period were developed technical equipment and weapons to equip these special units. Briefly the method for their specific «work» can be laid out next, followed by word: find, verify, record, use, explore and kill.

The success of countless American Special Operations units facilitates the introduction of horizontal organizational structures and their close mutually beneficial cooperation with Prof. intelligence agencies. Designer American concept to combat terrorism Stanley McChrystal believed that army special operations will only be very effective if they are unable to keep up «rate war». But the realization of this theory requires large costs for training fighters, development of new communication systems, design of «invisible» aircraft, a unique means of reconnaissance equipment headquarters tool for modern cargo planes flying hospitals, etc.
Biennial budget special operations units constantly grows: for 10 years it has grown to more than 5 times and made in 2012 $ 10.2 billion. Americans believe that these astronomical costs, already bring their profits. First, they mean a successful operation carried out by team of marine commandos with the CIA to destroy the terrorist number one — Osama bin Laden in 2011. But the fame of this operation, of course, is associated with significant naming terrorist criminals. Least publicized the fact that during the war in Afghanistan and the Iraqi countryside South American commandos made a day about 14 combat and reconnaissance raids. If military commanders thought or intelligence operation unsafe or not having a military perspective, use unmanned flying vehicles (UAVs). These flying machines could not only create a specific location or shooting the object, and applied point airstrikes on targets.

Excites the imagination of the inhabitants frequent references in the media disk imaging on high-precision bombing using drones and special forces raids bold USA. Even politicians across on information «bait» the media, incorrectly assuming that the introduction of drones and special purpose units allow Washington to use military force in the region, without getting involved in a long and bloody fights.

In reality, the act detachments Specialty and «drones» are only the level of tactical operations. They are no longer a decisive military action during the South American military on the ground in other countries. As additional military forces during operations, acts and orders for special purposes «drones» are essential, but you can not count them all the support of U.S. military strategy.

Thus, the well-known concept of the South American military analyst Thomas Barnett in the 21st century United States will wage war only with his hands the power units of other states, but Americans will dominate the decision-making process to establish and maintain world order.

Barnett exciting ideas that actions related to the configuration of the strategic concept of the United States in foreign policy, confirm outlined analyst conclusions.

U.S. reduces its presence in almost all regions of the world. According to Dr. Stephen M. Harvard Institute for Walt, military and political control of the country believe that leaving the Yankees from Europe not harm the security of the region, as the Europeans can not help others to cope with at least some danger. U.S. military units are also leaving Iraq and Afghanistan.

Knowing this, it imposed a question: all the same who will fight the war? After all, the world does not stop the fire of war, appears more tensions, many countries are on the verge of bankruptcy due to the global economic crisis erupted. Copa special State Security Linda Robinson believes that military conflicts will participate police forces, mercenaries, rebels and countless informal militias and South American allies around the world. U.S. can no longer finance the costly military operations and keep the world in check by their own army — they owe it all to pass on to their own partners. For the U.S., it’s time to conduct indirect special operations where the military presence in the Yankees at least some of the states will be minimized.

As the experience of countless military conflicts, which have now become our reality, the efficiency of the American special forces increases substantially as joint actions with foreign partners. Methods of cooperation, in this case, a huge amount. For example, to establish contacts with local paramilitary groups. This cooperation involves company training sessions, the introduction into the ranks of local paramilitary groups American advisers also help and advise on the establishment of joint action with fighting forces of other states, police, informal associations, tribes, rebels. Its partners in the conduct of hostilities and the Americans have civilian service. Among them, honey, veterinary and agronomic assistance to the local population. As South American strategists believe it will allow to strengthen the position of existing governments of these states are also great to explore and realize the specifics of the local criterion to do business with confidence population. This unconventional approach offers tremendous prospects impending military, political and economic cooperation and beneficial to all parties, including the reduction of monetary burden South American military.

In the slang of the military, the use of combat units of foreign partners is an indirect approach (in contrast to the direct approach, when all combat operations are carried out only by American special forces).

Chapter of the American forces spacialist William Makreyven in March 2012 to address the U.S. Congress said that the priority for the U.S. military concept is the creation of a global network of indirect operations that take a leading position in the security world.

Despite the rather convincing outlook senior South American commander, so far the government when deciding on the financing and training of special operations personnel, giving preference to the direct approach to special operations. Because of these uncoordinated actions significantly reduced the effectiveness of the decision-making command of special forces mission that leads to additional security threats not only the U.S., and their partners.

For example, in the operation to destroy bin Laden, the implementation of the South American special forces on Pakistani areas was implemented specifically direct approach in a rather brutal way. This operation has provoked outrage Pakistani public because of gross violations of the Yankees and plunged the country’s sovereignty, and not so common, US-Pakistan affairs in a deep crisis. So, Pakistan repealed the authorization for the presence of the Yankees in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal areas than nullified the efforts of U.S. troops with a special mission to establish rapport with the locals Pashtun. In Pakistan, the Americans supplied the tribes of grain, were training and equipping local connections armed guards and Pakistani commandos. Pakistan also forbade U.S. military advisers work on ships of Pakistan Navy, stationed off the coast of Makran. This strategic area was very important for Washington as it borders with Iran.

Night raids South American special forces in Afghanistan also caused public outrage and control of the country. Result of long negotiations was an agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan military operations on the harmonization of American commandos with the Afghan government and their role in the Afghan war.

All decisions of the government of Afghanistan have focused only on the security of the population of their own country. Among these measures was also South American military training of the Afghan special unit comprising eleven thousand paratroopers and commandos, before which stood task of warfare on land and in the air. Also experts at NATO and U.S. police uchyat Afghan units. To perform this tasks foreign instructors working in 52 regions of the country. They managed to make about 16 thousand units for employees of police forces in Afghanistan.

But the work of American instructors to establish indirect approach of military operations on the ground in Afghanistan at greater risk. Against U.S. troops frequent provocation agents Taliban and supporting Afghan troops. To avoid similar provocations by the South American special forces commander in Afghanistan stopped working instructors to conduct rigorous checks recruits. These steps confirm the desire to throw the Yankees own trainers to work and live in Afghanistan for a very long time.

Americans understand that the future long-term relationship with the Afghan government and people are likely only on the basis of indirect approach.

U.S. strategy was to establish partnerships with other countries on political, economic and military issues. With these actions, the United States provides its own security in the strategically principal global regions. From time to time partners become allies and then the governments of these countries allies contribute to the implementation of the American mission to promote peace in other parts of our planet. But in most cases, the interests of states rarely coincide with all U.S. positions. Their decisions affect the internal and external forces, also folding incident.

But you can still cite the example of two successful South American mission partnership with Colombia and the Philippines. For 10 years, Americans investing in the economies of quite reasonable money, by our own instructors in these countries have established an effective security system immediately and strengthening their own position. On the face of a successful partnership that allowed to make productive protect the region from the actions of terrorists and armed separatist militants and criminals, which led to the overall stabilization of the situation in these countries.

In Colombia, the Americans by their own forces implemented a special purpose, so called, «Plan Colombia», whose main purpose was the destruction of the drug cartels activities FARC, controlling virtually the entire country. The situation in Colombia during the implementation of the South American plan was critical: the rebels acted throughout the countryside of Colombia, the ongoing government crisis depleted government. Americans first began to fight drug trafficking and it took from the U.S. budget of about $ 7.5 billion. The second step was the creation of the Yankees Colombian special operations forces and combat-ready police force, which was also successfully implemented. And the proof of this is the operation carried out by the Colombian commandos in 2008 to rescue hostages held by guerrillas FARC. Although the success of Operation contributed abilities and technologies transferred Colombians South American advisers, Special Forces of Colombia reiterated its readiness. Thanks to U.S. aid, Colombia now defected to the latest stage of its development: the crime rate dropped significantly, by more than 70% of the fallen creation drug guerrillas went on peace talks with the government to end the killings and kidnappings, most of the rebels fighting units were disbanded. ;

On the background of the fact that the current time swept Central America drugs, criminal clans hold in horror all the countries in the region, Colombian security forces not only masterfully are kept under the control of the situation in their own country, and help organize the work of police forces in other Central American countries and Mexico . Simplifies the Colombians in this direction that event, they say that they are in the language of the region and know the national and cultural characteristics of the area of ​​the Earth. Special units Colombians become an integral part of international parts frisky response Closely aligned with the forces of the East, Eastern Europe, Australia and of New Zealand, made by the American method. Members of this network involved with the Yankees in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and other hot spots of the planet.

In fact, a similar method was realized programm U.S. military partnership and the Philippines: South American Special Forces training of local spices, consulting, intelligence sharing, logistical support, improved health care, construction of civilian infrastructure, etc. That the US-Philippine partnership continues for several 10-s years, says right on the architecture strategy and strategy of relations between countries with 2.

Americans are well aware that when forming partnerships inevitable confusion, misunderstanding, ideological and religious conflicts between the parties. Because the United States to make their best efforts to avoid the negative consequences of partner differences on the safety of their country. Americans also in building partnerships to distance themselves from complicity in abuses and sins of local power structures and politicians.

Even in such a massive stronghold of terrorists, the U.S. aggressive as Yemen, the Yankees managed to make business partnerships with the government of the country. Of sources of information known about the numerous air strikes inflicted on the South American Air Force objects «Al-Qaeda», posted on the Yemeni countryside. Since 2005, the South American intelligence agencies made training and advising the presidential guard Yemen. And even after the overthrow of dictator Saleh government trained Special Forces Yankees remained in the service of the country. U.S. offers the newcomer management Yemen own reform plan in the country, but it’s unclear how they apply to the country, which has undergone at once political, economic and military crisis. But the fact that Yemen is strategically for the Yankees principal area — certainly.

Experience the creation of successful partnerships Yankees necessitated embodiment 4 events in the planning, financing and execution of special operations. Implementation of these measures will allow partner countries to conduct U.S. and cooked perfectly obmyslennye operations and result in effective achievement of objectives.

In 1-x, you need to do for special operations forces routines based on the experience gained successful actions in Colombia and the Philippines. Of mandatory condition for this is Fri presentation of these procedures for members of the U.S. government, upon which the final decision on the financing of the implementation of plans developed.

In-2, South American legislators and security ministries need to end the practice of funding operations, combat arms, which considerably complicates the planning and conduct of companies inclusive. Since the raid planned and implemented in the shortest time periods, and the process of allocating the money to finance them may be delayed for a long time, you need to create a mechanism for more frisky economical process for the payment of special operations training.

B-3, you need to improve the coordination, planning and execution of long-running operations between the Special Operations Command (CSR) and other law enforcement and government agencies.

Fourth, the operation only in this case will be successful if they receive the support of the U.S. embassies in other countries, also in bodies of state security: diplomacy, analytical, engineering, law.

That at the current time, the management pays great attention to the U.S. reform processes CSR is completely depending on the popularity and credibility of CSR commander William Makreyvena. If you made a bold and unique ideas to reform proposed Makreyvenom, he will get their hands on a lot of opportunities and power that does not suit the other parts of the army commanders.

So Makreyven proposed subordinate central office CSR all territorial command and the proposal is not supported by the regional combatant commanders, caused violent controversy in the Pentagon.

Another proposal is to provide him Makreyvena global opportunities for moving forces around the world that greatly expand the jurisdiction of the U.S. CSR. Opponents of the decision warned that if adopted CSR will be fully responsible for all special operations, even those that extend beyond the area of ​​responsibility of regional commands. In the summer of 2012 the parties came, they thought a compromise: CSR will own global opportunities, and assumed the functions of command and global responsibility. This solution is quite confusing and so complicated relations inside the special forces mission. Maybe Makreyven temporarily retreated from their positions in order to make a more solid foundation to conduct integration and networking between different parts of the U.S. Army. This general believe that the reform will allow CSR Special Operations embody itself completely.

Implementation of this military concept not only unleash America hands, and will allow to restore funding to restructure its economy and the adoption of measures in the country out of crisis.

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