And got to Everest trash

And to Everest got garbage to save the planet

The world-renowned Mount Everest has long been the status of the highest dumping on the ground. Back in 1963, after 10 years since the first official ascent to the summit, one of the guides Nepalese tribe SEPREM testified garbage piles on top of the mountain, and called it the highest storage of trash and debris.

Nepalese people are forced to endure the bags of garbage to the foot tourist Chomolungma.
With the growth of tourist interest to Everest increasing the monthly volume of various wastes on the mountain itself. This plastic, paper, empty oxygen cylinders, cans, pieces of helicopters and other equipment lying around everywhere. Only in 2011, Sagarmatha National Park, which is a mountain, visited by more than 30,000 trackers and tourists, mountaineers, about 250 foreigners have conquered nearly 9-mile summit. It is easy to imagine how much garbage they left behind.

But the authorities of Nepal and the Pollution Control Committee of the National Park decided to regulate this issue with a number of restrictions and regulations relating to the conservation of ecologically favorable environment on Everest. Now all the waste brought by tourists, will be divided into three groups, depending on it will have different ways of recycling.
The category of "b" will be treated the objects to be processed, for example, tin and plastic containers. Tourists will be required to bring them to the capital of Nepal Kathmandu after weighing for recycling in place. Empty oxygen cylinders and batteries fall under the "c" and must be delivered to the country from which they were taken to the tourists.
Such measures will not only help preserve the purity of the mountain, but also make the work of employees of the National Park less dangerous. Besides the local population, is used melted snow from the slopes as drinking water, will be more secure knowing that the snow is not dirty "consequences" of conquering the world summit.

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