And the galaxy should be aired




There is a theory that aliens are watching us. I can imagine what they write reports to their superiors! How do they define our priorities? What do we want? For example, today? The main thing — to live with dignity, worth and dignity again. The entire mass of the efforts of all walks of life is spent on it. So, basically, grinding poverty.

But I think they are to this result were ready. They understood this principle when we declared war on drunkenness. Then we declared war on poverty, then for quality and affordable medicine, and then for the same education. And for fair policies, transparency and freedom of speech and, characteristically, against corruption. In general, it was possible to cover everything. Their analysts exactly tearing green hair on oval heads.

But, if you look on the other hand, maybe this national theater, where millions of exactly know their roles, never slipping and create a wonderful illusion of action worthy of the attention of a universal scale. Here they are hanging on the ground, somewhere in the region of the constellation Andramedy and literally applauded. All for fun, but as real. They already understand, that we leave in their kitchens, and will live there. And here: "What is life? Game!"

Today I get a call one analyst literally from another world. From a foreign agency. And asks a question that I can not understand. The man hesitates and adds:

— Sorry, I know my question is very naive. But I would like to clarify — and almost in a whisper, — you have someone dares to criticize the president?

I, in turn, adds: "You mean the media area? Of course not." But why should I specify? Still, suppose that someone, somewhere in the kitchen, perhaps even happy. But together we have already united. And that is sacramental, permeates all time: "And to me it still does not depend on" — sounds with a new growing power. We seem to be apart of their personalities, dissolving in a safe weight of universal correct understanding. And, of course, that's not the presidents or governors. And only in us. And only.

And the aliens we can not decree at the end of it all. Let induce order in their galaxy. Certainly, there have accumulated all stardust:

Svetlana Loychenko, editor


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