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The article brings to your attention, was published in the edition of the provincial general subjects. However, it is of great interest for the understanding of the processes taking place before our eyes in low Mars space.

Mars is perhaps the most beloved of journalists planet, because our cosmic neighbor does not skimp on the sensation. I recently discovered on the Red Planet huge deposits of ice, and immediately there were projects, how to make a second Earth from Mars and colonize its people. However, this is only a rosy dreams because we can just keep on Mars …

Mysterious Mars, with its famous canals and the polar ice caps, in 1877, led the astronomers all over the world into confusion. Well-known scholars of the time — Herschel and Lessli, telescopes observing in the distant satellites of Uranus — did not see the satellites of Mars. Phobos and Deimos were suddenly opened in 1877 Esafom Hall. From the history of astronomy, it is known that the sudden appearance of the satellites of Mars strangely coincides with the disappearance of channels on its surface.

A century later, in January 1989, the Soviet space station "Phobos-2" reached Mars. March 25, closer to Phobos, the station ceased contact with Earth. A few minutes before disabling communication, as it became known from the analysis of telemetry to the MCC, the station began to rotate in native mode, but abnormal inclusions corrective engines did not happen. Had to assume that some outside force broke the stabilization of the station.

After processing the information received during the last session, there was speculation about the failures of the "Phobos-2", which has shocked some, while others are obliged to ensure confidentiality of the mass media is extremely important information. The space station has had time to pass on Earth picture taken with an infrared camera, which can be seen near the Martian satellite huge cigar-shaped object. According to preliminary estimates, the length of at least 20 km and diameter — 3.2 km.

A week later, the information about it yet leaked to the pages of British magazine "Nature", and thanks to Marina Popovich picture UFO near Phobos hit the media. Some experts involved in space programs do not attach great importance to the emergence of an astronomical object is clearly not near Mars. August 22, 1993 American station "Mars Observer" went into orbit around Mars, but after 3 days of interrupted communication with Earth. The station was to gather information necessary for the preparation of a manned expedition to Mars. In addition, "Mars Observer" has been fitted with equipment to detect unusual patterns on the surface of the Red Planet, which could be created by extraterrestrial intelligent beings.

Consultant U.S. National Security Agency, Dr. Michael Wolf, an expert on the issue of UFOs, called a meeting to discuss the situation. At the meeting, the representative of a computer company CEO Jack Shulman confirmed that the spacecraft NASA put out of action and relationship with him can not be established. During the meeting it became clear that the company officials received a report by the Russian government communications on an unidentified object near Phobos. It was noted that: "… the Russian experts believe that this object is in a stationary orbit in the vicinity of Mars."

Further stated that this incident took place and the launches unmanned spacecraft to Venus. So what happens: the capture or destruction of plants? The answer to this question is no, not clear and objective interception terrestrial devices. What is the point in the destruction of the geophysical system, launched for the study of atmospheric and weather conditions on Mars? When the exchange of information on SCS Russian side expressed the following hypothesis: "They do not want us to know something about Mars, or just use this opportunity to explore our technology."

A year earlier, U.S. officials gave judgment General Leonid Alexeev (Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation: "There is no doubt that in the solar system discovered the alien presence." Michael Wolff said: "According to the National Security Council, NASA experts have not given due importance Russian post, it is their glaring omission, which cost U.S. $ 125 million, on the other hand, they did not have, and there is still no adequate solutions. Due to this the prospect of a manned flight to Mars looks quite doubtful, as the government's responsibility to people who knew something about the problems with the Martian machines is very high, with which to be reckoned. "Risk and hope to get lucky with such a long flight out of place. always necessary to remember that in the long run in the space, we are not playing by the rules.

Experts NASA, commenting at the time a message from Russia, talked a lot about making mistakes in programming and just about the human factor, but, as it turned out, these errors were not. Mike Wolf is convinced: "Russian absolutely right, they realize that the likelihood that the aliens have long had bases on Mars and Phobos, is very high. UFOs that we capture within our planet's natural satellite, and — means of close control over the people. We take pains to hide UFO activity from the public, explaining the similar cases of equipment failure and human error, and often simply remaining silent about what is happening in our skies and in space.

Of course, this recognition by the U.S. government today may be premature, but it is quite another matter. "On the one hand, in recent times due to punctures in the concealment of information about events related to UFOs, the facts became apparent silence on the other — it looks like a deliberate leak, which should reach the third-party researchers. Anyway hide data about the real state of affairs concerning eventually the entire population of the planet, it has become almost impossible. too many organizations, large technology corporations in many countries are engaged in research that have a direct related to UFOs, particularly in the field of anti-gravity engines and electronic equipment blocking weapon control systems. particular interest are projects related to psy-enlonavtov interaction with humans.

After the U.S. space station "Odyssey", while safely operating the satellite in orbit of Mars, the planet has found a huge amount of frozen water, it can be assumed that the hypothetical, not only we are interested in changing the composition of the atmosphere and climate on Mars. Dr. Richard Boylan believes that, even on the basis of the impressive technology, the newcomers are unlikely to commit such in the next century. Who knows, perhaps for centuries aliens do not more of our minutes, if they even have the concept of time. I would like to know, creating a second habitable planets, they are doing it for themselves, or we can also count on it? Of course, if we do not get ahead of the other, destroying not only all life on their planet, but the planet itself, too.

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