Another dust storm swept Kuwait

Another dust storm swept Kuwait Natural Disasters

In the first days of August, the entire territory of Kuwait has undergone a new dust storm. Wind lifted the thick sand at 90 km / h, which is why in open areas and urban visibility fell below 500 m

Met Office says the country that such a strong wind that takes the sand from the surface of the desert, came to the territory of Kuwait from the east. Storm has helped to shape the cross pressure zone over the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is expected that the wind will retain its strength and speed to 40 km / h for a week, after which the storm has passed.
All residents, especially the elderly and having trouble breathing, warned about the situation of the storm, it is recommended if possible, not to go out and use respiratory masks. Fortunately, the storm did not interrupt the current operation of the international airport of Al-substitution, and the whole trip will go to their planes to their destinations on time, despite the fact that the visibility on landing and take-off strips can drop to 400 m

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