Apple refuses to check their products on sustainability

Apple refuses to verify their products to environmentally Facts

Apple is almost at the last moment refused to participate in the environmental certification program, EPEAT, designed to increase the participation of working with information technology companies in a variety of environmental projects, including those relating to the more "green" manufacturing process. Such a move Apple was universal outrage.

Thus, the 50 departments of the municipality of San Francisco refused to use the product 39 products above grade because they did not meet the standards EREAT that the city strongly supported. For such products as the iPhone and iPad limit is not imposed. For the future of our planet in the environmental sense, it is not bad, but as a result, about 28,000 residents of San Francisco will be difficult to get desktop computers, notebooks and monitors Apple brand for the office.
For a company decision can bring unexpected losses, as the choice of computer products rely on the program Erato many universities and government organizations. University of California, for example, has already thought of that, to do the same with the municipality of San Francisco.
Apple says in his defense that he did not work in the Erato, they will continue to produce their products, which, incidentally, will fully meet stringent government environmental standards, for example, the program "Energy Star." And they did not upset that their own brand products will no longer be in the environmental ratings Erato, since 2006 for customers evaluating energy consumption, environmentally friendly production methods and packaging materials, durability, ease of processing and the presence of toxic components in the IT-product.
Such a conflict could lead to a revision and modernization of the provisions in the program Erato and Apple decline to further dialogue to ensure that re-enable the company to the list of qualified members.

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