Arid regions in the United States was three times more

Arid regions in the United States was three times more than natural disasters

In North America, particularly in the U.S., due to the spread of dry weather to triple the area subjected to water shortages and surpluses of sunlight. It can turn into a disaster for the main supplier of grain on the world market, as land with cereals dry eyes. Osonovnoy hit states hold the central-western part of the USA, is a manufacturer of two thirds corn and beans in the country.

Field with the dead grain harvest near distillery. 07/25/2012.
In one week, the aridity index rose from 11.9 to 28.9% of the overall situation and brought to the level of D3. All more or less susceptible to drought almost 2/3 the U.S., the last time was only observed in 1999. Leaders of some districts are going privately to impose restrictions on the use of water resources such as the British banned the use of hose for watering, watching in horror as the water level in the reservoir drops.

The movement of the irrigation system on a cornfield in Indiana.
Economic losses to both internal and external to the country's economy under drought are obvious. A serious blow to have U.S. export opportunities, and increase the price of food is prepared from raw grain for livestock. In the next two months, no improvement in the weather conditions are expected. So far, the government and the president is preparing a special program to support the affected sectors selstkogo economy.

Talk loss ranch Gorville, Illinois.
According to forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture drought Americans will buy fruits and vegetables at prices 3-4% higher than current ones. The longer dry weather, the more likely that these numbers will go up more than once. Seeing the hopelessness of the situation, some farmers are willing to cut more nevyzrevshie cereals to give us something to provide fodder for their animals.

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