Armatix iP1 — smart weapon that will not shoot, being in the wrong hands

Armatix iP1 - smart weapon that will not shoot, being in the wrong hands

In one of a series of films about James Bond protagonist was armed with a pistol Walther PPK / S, which was equipped with a fingerprint scanner and could not shoot while in the hands of others. A similar function is implemented in the gun Armatix iP1, albeit not at such highest technological level as the gun James Bond, but this does not exclude the fact that the gun is iP1-first in its own way «smart» an instrument that can be purchased is completely legal and is a very degree Prevents any unauthorized or accidental use.

In the system of gun control Armatix iP1 is remote reader, which can retrieve information stored in the RFID-chip memory, which is located in a special wristwatch. Radius acts RFID system chosen such that the instrument is given in readiness, being exclusively in hand, wrist watches which planted. In the case of successful authorization and readiness to fire the gun on his back side indicator lights green color, in the case of working indicator glows reddish color and trigger gun absolutely blocked.

Short range of an RFID system completely eliminates the option perfectly familiar to us all to action film, when the owner of guns by any admission of Eastern martial arts and gun taken here use against him. Low power radio signals transmitted from the clock gun, make significantly more difficult villains intercept and decryption for the upcoming clone chip hours, for this they have to use high-sensitivity receiver, access to which is also very limited. The system also makes unfeasible random gun fire, even if it falls into the hands of kids parents carelessly relating to the storage of guns in the house. And in the case of theft of the gun Armatix iP1 it will be quite useless, only if the holder is not so careless to keep close to him to the same clock.

Armatix iP1 - smart weapon that will not shoot, being in the wrong hands

Should see that on the development of «smart» guns work and spices other companies, TriggerSmart. Their gun for manufacturability is close to James Bond’s gun, because it will be used as a fingerprint scanner.

Currently, gun Armatix iP1, which shoots .22 caliber cartridges, sold exclusively in one of the U.S. gun shops. Its price is 1399 dollars, and watch for the future owners of this gun will have to shell out another 399 extra bucks.

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