Asteroid War




More recently, an asteroid the size of a football field at a speed of 10 kilometers per second, raced only 75 thousand kilometers from Earth. The space rock flew from the Sun, and it was noticed when she was removed. If the asteroid has met with our planet, the cloud of dust for a long time to shut down the Sun, which would lead to a change in the climate on our planet.
So a huge celestial body about 65 million years ago was interrupted by the era of dinosaurs. Global floods, destruction of the balance of the Earth, the shift of continents, the appearance of the seas and the mountains have been linked to the fall of the asteroid.

Traces of possible disasters
On Earth, a lot of tracks from the fall of large meteorites. These craters reach hundreds of kilometers in diameter. They are in Siberia, in Canada, on the Yucatan Peninsula. In short, the probability of a sudden fall in the next alien is high enough. And it is believed that there is no remedy for such space bombs.
Only Russia and the U.S. have control service near space, which lead search and detection of space objects, collect information on them to determine the object's orbit. Objects to be included in the directory, the information on them is updated. This ensures the highest levels of management notification country about the space environment.

What did not orbit
Tracking of high-orbit space objects are passive means, operating at optical wavelengths. Special attention is attracted by high military officials of the orbit, and the first geostationary. It is they who hosts a large number of space-based communications, navigation, reconnaissance, missile warning, and others. National services verified compliance with international agreements on the use of outer space.
Opto-electronic means can be used in the international system of protection of the Earth, the creation of which is assumed under the auspices of the UN. It is known that in the solar space in different orbits moves many heavenly bodies (asteroids, comets, meteoroids). Under the influence of gravitational fields of the Sun and the largest planet parameters of their orbits are constantly changing. According to the International Institute for asteroid threat, the collision with the Earth body measuring 50 meters occurs on average once a century.

"Window" — the same eye
For space surveillance in Russia in the early 80s for the first time in the world was created by optical-electronic system — "window." It consists of several stations with different ranges of heights. Central equipment — high-performance computing resources to the development of software and algorithmic software. His work is completely automated. During the working session, which occupies all of twilight and night hours, he can not function without the operators in real time, giving information about both known and newly discovered about space objects.
The first set of ten stations are mounted at a height of 2200 m near the town of Nurek in Tajikistan in the area with the best conditions for optical observations (a large number of clear nights, high stability and transparency of the atmosphere). On the territory of the Russian regions with similar conditions are not available. With the government of Tajikistan signed and ratified the agreement on the content and manner of use of the complex.
Studies have shown that several "windows" could provide a mode of "patrol" — continuous monitoring of virtually the entire celestial sphere. Thus, according to experts, the body that caused the Tunguska disaster, it would be seen by a complex of "Window" at least one week prior to its collision with the Earth.

OKUYaNnaya protection of the Earth
But it is important to not only get information about the approaching asteroid, but also have the means to destroy it. Further than other specialists in this field have advanced Russian scientists. They created the installation, called OKUYAN — optical quantum amplifier with nuclear pumping. It can help you realize the idea of protecting the Earth from various threats from space. Somewhere on the satellite, for example, is tuned to the reactor system. Induced, and a powerful clot radiation destroys the meteorite or change the trajectory of the asteroid, which is headed toward Earth.
In short, we can already create ANTIASTEROID defense of the Earth. She's there everyday work. On October 4, 1957 in space launched more than 20,000 man-made objects. Among them, 5% — operational spacecraft. The others — space debris. Collision with garbage leads to failure of the systems of spacecraft and satellites, and even to their complete destruction. ANTIASTEROID system will guarantee the safety of space flights.

Vladimir Dernovoi


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