Axe fifth generation

Axe fifth generation
Pentagon tries to start up in the air «ax» fifth generation. Experience that U.S. taxpayers have already spent more than $ 1 trillion dollars, recognized bad. Not a lot of that spent huge amount trouble to embarrass the U.S. military, but Western military experts have rated it as a «strategic failure.» This is no exaggeration: the military doctrine of the country right shows the main strike force, more principled native troops — aviation. All — a helicopter and jet, and decked airfield, assault and bombing, etc. Blow that caused the war industry on defense the U.S. has been very painful for all sectors of society, and in addition, has shaken the U.S. position on the market today sverhtehnologichny weapons.

Refers to the widely publicized fighter 5th generation F-35 Lightning II, at the cost of $ 107 million apiece. By March 2013 collected and somehow fly 56 aircraft Lockheed Martin F-35 of various modifications.

Here he writes about the miracle of South American aircraft blogger U-96: «According to the views of the Australian-independent analytical center« Air Power Australia », F-35 does not meet the requirements for the number bolshennomu fighter fifth-generation fighter and is 4 + generation because of the impossibility flight at supersonic speeds without using afterburners, low thrust-weight ratio comparable highest EPR. As indicated in the confidential report of the testing and evaluation (DOT & E) U.S. Department of Defense, which is at the disposal of American media, all three versions now developed the F-35 have a lot of «generic» problems, structural defects and failures. So the new fighter is not protected from the explosion, if the fuel tank gets a bolt of lightning.

Also neobmyslennoy protection from lightning radar, fighter also received feeble generation system of inert gases (OBIGGS), responsible for filling vacated volume fuel tanks with inert gases and maintaining their small oxygen levels. In other words, the clearance around storm front (as in the Atlantic and the Pacific they frequent — Ed.) Is likely to result in the failure of the onboard system. Well, maintaining constant low level of oxygen in the fuel tanks need to prevent an explosion in the engine and tanks themselves in case of lightning.

As the South American military experts from the Office of Operational Test and Evaluation (OT & E) of the Pentagon, and deficiencies OBIGGS led to lowering the speed limit. Currently, this option is flying at least 6 km should not exceed 1.8 thousand meters per minute. Cost sensitive exceed — and provided a system failure.

As of version for the Marine Corps — decked vertical takeoff fighter — this fighter categorically overheats fan of vertical flight and break the rotary nozzle actuators. In other words, the machine is vulnerable on takeoff, as none of the analogs.

But even worse flaws inherent in the design of the fighter still on the steps of designing and running computer models. For example, the chassis and deck arrestor hook F-35 are designed so that the plane can not soar from the deck of an aircraft carrier or sit on it. Any sample change technical properties of aviation mechanics and hydraulics lead to the fact that increased vehicle weight and power engines simply no longer enough.

One of the important differences aircraft 5th generation «4 +» or «4 + +», except for radar invisibility technology, that the fifth generation — is, in fact, complex electrical complex analogue terrestrial satellite control group . It system 5th generation serves not only combat and navigation systems of the fighter, and works as a pointer to «their» tanks and artillery as a scout for the mobile infantry. So, here, during the tests revealed that the onboard electronics of all 3 versions of the F-35 lacks stability in the work, which adversely affects the target designation, and even most of helicopter piloting.

«Particularly strong doubts combat efficiency of the machine results teachings spawned Pacific Vision — 2008.’s When it became clear that the aircraft was positioned as the fifth generation F-35 loses outright Su-35 generation» 4 + + «, and the zone of S-acts 400 «Triumph» it is better to stay away. In other words, the machine can fly only in clear weather, quiet, out of defense, without afterburner, abrupt maneuvers and combat missions, «the newspaper writes SmartNews.

From the initial secret Pentagon report, which was prepared for members of Congress, but hit the press, came to light and other shortcomings, allowing to make the dissapointing for the Air Force and the U.S. Navy conclusion — the F-35 fighter Lighting II not ready not only to battle, but even training flight. In addition to the naming defects, the machine hindered overview of the cockpit (flashlight) also documented failures of various on-board systems at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius (at a height of several kilometers temperature, typically, more below). Lantern, by the way, did hidden because pilots in the car offered innovatorsky helmet with shield radial angle, but this new product is rejected by the pilots — to turn my head in a battle even more reliable.

According to military professionals, operation of the 1st such fighter during his current term — given the same «finishing touch» to various problems and debugging «wet» systems — will cost about $ 400 million (in other words, actually 4 times more than the machine itself ). This news, along with neat American industrialists promises to «bring to mind» 2 of 3 options fighter, already forced to think U.S. allies in the North Atlantic bloc. Thus, Denmark and Australia, intending to purchase promising machines have abandoned these plans. The Italian government has ponders …

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