Batteries from recycled waste paper industry

Batteries from recycled waste paper industry Facts

Batteries are an important part of the modern world. We depend on rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, laptops, navigation systems. Discharge the battery can ruin your day, making hunting for electricity in the strangest places.

Production of all batteries, even rechargeable, a huge chunk of metal, which is not a renewable resource. Therefore, European scientists are working on an alternative to the creation of waste batteries. At this point the battery cathode created from lignin, which is a departure for the paper industry. In fact, the basis of such batteries is wood.
In their study, the scientists of the Poznan University of Technology in Poland and the Swedish University of Linköping describe how the components of a class of organic compounds (quinones) allows derived lignin displace a proton which is substituted polypyrrole. The substance is active as long as long as the electric charge. When it ends, the proton returns to the quinone compound.
Although this finding is not soon be turned into a source of profit, batteries based on wood energy can perform two functions: to turn waste paper industry as valuable resources, and reduce the use of non-renewable resources that are so necessary in the production of batteries and accumulators. The use of renewable polymers will lead to cheap non-toxic electrode capable of operating in water. Scientists continue to study possibilities of lignin, increasing the capacity and density of electric charge.

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