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Perhaps, there is a pregnant woman who is getting ready to leave, do not read at least one book about this exciting and mysterious process. At the disposal of our moms were so popular medical encyclopedia pamphlets from the antenatal clinic, where strict medical reports tone: it is recommended that it is not allowed … other times now, and the selection of books is huge. How can sort out the myriad of different benefits and collections?

Obstetric educational program

Certainly, the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body — something very important. Expectant mother with meticulous studies the development of the baby stage, tracks them for weeks, trying to imagine how it looks like a treasure. This is the largest group of books. They set out a popular language physiology of pregnancy and childbirth. Typically, the authors of such benefits are obstetricians.

Just want to warn at once, do not read, please gynecology textbooks! If even non-pregnant protagonist Jerome K. Jerome having read the medical encyclopedia, found in everything except puerperal fever, the sensitivity of the pregnant woman after Talmud certainly find at a dozen diseases, including fever and notorious. It you want?

But this idea of how and what is happening in your body, yet necessary.

Here are a few smart books from the medical series:

  • VS Korsak GL Gromyko "Pregnancy and childbirth. Doctor's advice ", St. Petersburg.: Publishing House" Neva ", 2003

The authors of the book — obstetricians — Talk about how pregnancy occurs, prolonged pregnancy dangerous than what Rh factor, at which critical points should be noted.

  • A. Eisenberg, H. Murkoff, S. Hathaway "Waiting for a child. Guide for expectant mothers and fathers ", Minsk, 1995

This is the first part of a very popular American trilogy about the pregnancy and the baby. The book is detailed and thorough, it can be called a versatile and practical tool. Pregnancy it is described by month, so the expectant mother is quite clear that you would expect from a pregnant body in any given month. Describes in detail the diet for the mother, childbirth and the postpartum period. The truth must be noted that the transfer, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. However, if you can not pay attention to it, you will find in the book a lot of useful material.

Fitness for the expectant mother

On the physical training necessary to pay special attention. In general allowances for pregnancy is usually stated in passing, at the level of — "do not forget about physical exercises." Meanwhile, the importance of these exercises in preparation for childbirth is difficult to overestimate. Ideally, of course, engage in special courses there and exercise show "live", and see to it whether you are performing them, and the general atmosphere keeps in tone. But if forsome reasons courses are not available, then come to the aid of the book.

  • AY Kazantsev, "Pregnancy and fitness. Before and after childbirth " Spb.: Publishing House "Neva", M.: "Olma-Press" 2003

Author of the book — a professional coach and part-time mom of two kids — has developed its own training program for the different stages of pregnancy. There is also information on aqua aerobics and yoga for pregnant women.

  • S. Akimov "Gymnastics for women expecting a miracle. A set of exercises for pregnant women ", M.: CRK AQUA, 1996

Very bright book. In addition to specific exercises and photographs, is there a sense of joy and harmony. Details the stretching exercises (which is very useful to you in the process of childbirth), flexibility of the spine, strengthening the abdominal muscles, the natural discharge of the veins. If a baby is in the womb the wrong position, you will be special exercises, which are also described in the book.

For the baby — with love

There is another group of books that personally I am particularly fond. About conscious pregnancy, about how the birth of the baby becomes a holiday for the whole family to get rid of fear of childbirth.

These books are written by physicians and psychologists, but none of them relates to the expectant mother as a patient, which strictly instructed to do one thing and another is prohibited.

After childbirth — is not just a physical act, as it is represented by the numerous benefits of obstetrics and gynecology. It is a powerful burst of energy and peace, the joy and the happiness with which nothing can compare. But such a joy to come, and conscious parenting, too, need to learn. This was the following books:

  • "To give birth and be reborn" (translated from Dutch) Publisher: Knowledge, 2000

This is a translation of the Dutch bestseller "Bevallen & Opstaan". However, the translation is adapted to the conditions of contemporary Russia. There a lot of stories about how gave birth to our mothers and grandmothers, and about what kind of choice is that of modern women. The book tells about the physiology and psychology of pregnancy and childbirth.

  • M. Odent. "Reborn birth", M, 1999.

The book is about what can and should be labor. Author of the book — the French doctor Michel Odent. Not far from Paris, in the small town of Pithiviers he organized at the hospital maternity ward in which wonderfully combines home-like atmosphere and an entire arsenal of modern gynecology. The main conclusion arrived at by Auden: "obstetrics — is more than mechanical methods." Women in the clinic Auden can give birth as their body tells them: in any position, in the water. Doctors and midwives only unobtrusively monitor the process of labor and intervene only when it is really needed.

  • LS GuryanovaYB Zheleznova "Birth to Joy", St. Petersburg., Moscow, ACT, 1997

The book "The Birth of a joy," wrote a student and follower I.B.Charkovskogo, founder of the "Russian method" and a spiritual midwifery. "Russian method" involves soft water birth and afterwards — water training babies. The book also tells about the Charkovsky, and all sorts of other things: how to prepare for conscious parenting, how to deal with the future of the baby, do not be afraid of their physical activity. It sets out specific recommendations for breath (because along with you will learn to hold their breath and the baby, which is very reduces the risk of asphyxia during birth), an autogenous immersion, which will help you relax at the right time. There are materials and perinatal matrices C. Groff. A separate question — participation in childbirth future father. It's not so easy to solve, as it seems at first glance, and the authors discuss in detail the problem.

The second half of the book is devoted to the child, are "advanced" parents learn about pronyrivanii, hardening, dynamic gymnastics, etc.

  • D. Grantley R."Childbirth without Fear" St. Petersburg-MoscowKharkov, Minsk, 1997

Central idea DR. Grantley is that travail occur as a result of fear of birth. Where does this fear, a separate issue, and every expectant mother a response. But one thing is clear: fear leads to muscle clip, and, consequently — to pain. A paradox: the more we are afraid of labor pains, the more we perceive them. Dr. Grantley first started talking about this 70 years ago, and in the twenties of the last century, his monograph appeared just as revolutionary discovery. But so far, its recommendations for vagi
nal birth does not lose its value.

  • W. Serz, M. Serz "We are expecting a baby", Moscow, 1998

The couple, William and Martha Serz — known in America, pediatricians, authors of the book "Your Child", which became the modern "Bible for parents" (note that the spouses themselves — the parents of eight children). Proponents of natural childbirth, Serzy describe in great detail the process of labor, talk about their own experience of analysis, ultrasound, caesarean section. The authors provide useful and practical recommendations of what to do if the birth delayed or even stopped, how to make a birth plan, how to learn to relax.

  • A. Akin, D. Streltsova "Nine months and all life", St. Petersburg, 1999

The authors of this book to real life examples, consider two approaches to childbirth: clinical and medical and soft, saline. There's a lot of letters, which describes the experience of pregnancy and childbirth various women. The authors offer a simple to compare different situations and make your choice. Breastfeeding is considered in detail.

  • M. Svechnikova "Childbirth without injury. How to have a healthy child ", St. Petersburg, Moscow, 2001

Author of the book — obstetrician-gynecologist Member of the Presidium of the Association of Perinatal Psychology — talks about how natural it is possible to avoid such dangerous for the baby birth injury.

The literature often discusses home birth. Of course, they have a lot of advantages. But a word of caution: no one book can not prepare yourself for home birth. Since this is a very large degree of responsibility to themselves and the baby, home birth requires a lot of preparation — both physical and psychological. And the best way to prepare for childbirth, together with specialists (however, it is relevant to all generations).

Inessa Smyk

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