Britain again susceptible to flooding

Britain again susceptible to flooding danger zone

In the north-western and central parts of the UK in the continuing downpours declared a "red" Danger code and four flood warnings. Most can suffer county Derby, Lancashire, South and West Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester, Blackpool, Warrington, Cheshire and Halton.

Wimbledon tournament spectators hiding from the rain.

Cheshire Road travel is difficult due to constant rainfall.
Flooding can happen at any time, since the water in the local rivers are at critically high level. Therefore all residents warned to remove valuables from the lower floors of their houses, to protect buildings with sandbags and closely monitor the meteorological messages. Intelligence agencies working in emergency mode, pre-opened centers to house evacuees.

Attempts to clear the highway Manchester Road in Hendforte, Cheshire.

Fans, despite the weather, go to view practice before the British Grand Prix in Northampton.
Across the East of England and Wales issued nearly a hundred warning statements to the British were on the alert due to the difficult weather conditions. Great danger of flooding in central and southern Scotland. Total for the country in the coming days is expected additional piece of 100 mm of rain that falls in a normal month. North of the country has already received 15-20 mm of rain.
While it is difficult to say which areas will suffer the most, but the average rainfall for the UK will be 20-40 mm. The danger of flooding has passed only the south-west and west of England. This past June, had the double standard 145.3 mm of rain, which broke the previous record in June 2007, amounting to 136.2 mm.

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