Britain is open for upgrade options Challenger 2 tank

Britain is open for upgrade options Challenger 2 tank
Despite official claims that today still left the door ajar for applets to increase the fire power of the British Challenger 2 tank.

Speaking at a conference at the armored vehicles Defence IQ International Armoured Vehicles 2013 in Farnborough, commander of the British Army Lt. Gen. Adrian Bredsho recognized the usefulness of tanks in Iraq and Afghanistan. There they successfully and rapidly reduced sample tie enemy battle with allied forces to zero, dominating the fields of contractions, including the expense of long-term self-sufficiency and its multi due to conducting constant surveillance and precision fire at increased distances.

The British Army Challenger 2 tank deployed with 120-mm rifled gun L30A1 in Iraq in 2003-2009. At one time Bredsho in Afghanistan claimed that the British army is no need to deploy tanks itself — because the «coalition partners provide their tanks.»
Then he referred to the example with 4 tanks Leopard 2A5DK, for the first time deployed in Afghanistan, the Danish contingent in the British zone of responsibility in 2007. (According to the Danish armored forces officer, who was invited to the conference, this deployment was carried out, despite initial objections raised by the British Joint Headquarters, presumably due to excess brutal appearance of the tank.)

As tanks Leopard 2A6M CAN, deployed Canadian army tanks and M1A1 Abrams, the U.S. Marines deployed in various provinces of Afghanistan, Danish tanks armed with 120-mm smoothbore gun from Rheinmetall 120. Between these tanks are able to «share» programmable high-explosive, cluster fragmentation and inert shots vpribavok to standard universal cumulative (HEAT-MP) and armor-piercing ammunition with a tungsten core.

In the event of restructuring programs from «Army 2020» British Army intends to throw three regiments of tanks Type 56 Challenger 2, one for each team frisky response in the future is going to enter a life extension program from LEP (life-extension programme) Challenger 2 tank, which is plan to reach their own original alert in 2022. This program, together with LEP applets extend the life of BMP Warrior, applets on Scout reconnaissance vehicle and applets Vehicle general purpose Utility Vehicle, generally characterized as «the cornerstone of the British applets by promising armored car.»

Nedavneshnie messages from the English Ministry of Defence and industry are forced to imagine that because of the savings funds to modernize or piercing mortality, or weapons systems Challenger 2 tanks are not forthcoming. This approach will need to maintain its long stunning abilities against the most unsafe threats while maintaining its compliance with the modern battlefield. This correspondence, as shown Iraq and Afghanistan, now faster relevance defined task infantry support tank than his superbroneboynymi features.

By drama, one of the reasons the choice of England in the late 70s for its own tanks, ammunition stabilized plumage, became even greater choice of available types of ammunition for rifled guns in comparison with the one for just starting to appear while smoothbore candidacy (if crews could choose total of 2-types: HEAT-MP and piercing feathered with detachable tray [APFSDS]). After 30 years of dwindling resources and the need to act as the sole sponsor of the western development of ammunition for the 120 mm rifled gun British practically had the choice to reduce the ammunition used till 2 types: HESH and APFSDS (British supplies last political judgments were not applicable to the classic war as its core included depleted uranium). On the other hand, in the current time for users smoothbore guns available 10s ammunition types, in this case from numerous manufacturers.

At issue is not whether the expenditures on program from Challenger 2 LEP pointless if it fundamentally a component of its «sense» its weapons system ultimately also modernized Bredsho said that «this is one of the issues addressed in real time» but all this would not wish to comment on which way the decision can go.

One of the advisers Bredsho, assistant manager of a tank battle near Colonel Harry Fullerton, said the conference Defence IQ that although «we must never forget» classic (tank to tank) the danger from enemy armor, yet it has become least likely to prevail in the areas where British forces have been deployed in the last decade. In general, he said that «ultimately, we should compare our tanks against the danger of the highest level», further noting that the ability of some armored non-Western states are starting to go to new levels.

Received the status of «cornerstone» of the future British armored abilities, Challenger 2 tank is expected to remain in service until 2035-2040 years. In general, Colonel Fullerton noted that you will need to wait for «some time» (namely — 2022), before the means will be found to modernize its combat abilities.

In the meantime, its obsolescence «quite manageable», including by updating the storage of supplies and ammunition modernization of its chassis and boxes in order to maintain his mobility. Within applets LEP update this tank would like to equip its electrical architecture to simplify subsequent upgrades (including new surveillance and guidance). At the same time Fullerton acknowledged that LEP (programm entered into conceptual step in 2012), there are tools that allow you to see the issues of increasing fire power with mobility and protection of Challenger 2 tank.
Most probably, a significant drawback Challenger 2 tank — its rifled cannon
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