Budding guided missile CUDA air-to-air

The exhibition "Air Force Association Technology Expo-2012", held in Washington in September 2012, has aroused great enthusiasm among specialized publications. The presented technique is widely publicized in the press, but there were exceptions. For example, in the magazine "Air Force Magazine" was posted photo model fighter Lockheed Martin F-35, which in the internal weapons bay was located twelve missiles. In a small photo comments to say that this missile "air-to-air" "Cuda" short-range automobile active radar homing.

Prospective guided missile CUDA air-to-air

The development of weapons deals with the company Lockheed Martin. On the "Cuda", virtually nothing about it is not clear, and the developers do not give any specific disk imaging. Cheryl Amerine (Cheryl emerin), a spokesman for Lockheed Martin, said: "Today," Cuda "is a hidden applets, and the world, we can open only certain aspects. Discusses the company is the project with the air forces of the U.S.."

Almost spokesman confirmed only that this example program exists, and its main goal is to improve a couple of times in the ammunition missiles (2-3 times power) stealth fighter fifth generation. As you know, the planes are quite limited in ammunition, due to the relatively small volume of internal weapons bays.

Cheryl also emerin said: "CUDA technology developed by Hit-to-Kill. Newest concept promising missiles will significantly increase the potential fighter of the 5th generation. Martial ability of technology Hit-to-Kill in the Army of the United States is used for more than 10 years, and its implementation Air Force significantly transform their fighting ability. "

By its dimensions rocket CUDA is close to a manageable compact bomb SDB, and in appearance resembles a miniaturized shortened an AIM-120 AMRAAM. CUDA, as the AIM-120 is active radar guidance head.

From the above it follows that, thanks to technology Hit-to-Kill at this launch will not be battle of modern awareness — CUDA should hit the target only if directed, controlled homing as armor-piercing shell. The most famous modern ammunition, which used this principle is rocket The object of the complex missile defense THAAD. Development and export of the defense complex are the pride of Lockheed Martin. The least well-known, but for all that the principal example is the recent rocket complex "Patriot", the drafting of which was also applied the principle of kinetic intercept the target.

This approach has two major plus — in-1's, it is a tremendous power of the kinetic impact. (This will allow to use CUDA in missile defense. According to some reports, the Pentagon has been studied opportunity use F-35s filled CUDAs as an air defense system to intercept missiles small anti-aircraft missile systems.) If a close blast fragmentation battle part of the "Scud", perhaps, survive, the direct impact on the convergence of high speed (several kilometers per second) rocket guaranteed tear into small pieces. In fact, the experience of anti-missiles "Scud" in 1991 and was the impetus for the development of the technology "hit-to-kill" in the United States.

Prospective guided missile CUDA air-to-air

In-2, non-combat unit can significantly reduce the weight and dimensions of the rocket that will allow her to do much more compact. In turn, this makes it possible to expand the armed F-35.

The principal drawback is the one thing — you need a high maneuverability and precision missiles. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the major "challenges" during the development of the newest compact rocket CUDA.

Choosing homing is also important: active radar head Homing will enable faster and more comfortable to work from internal compartments fighter, thermal seeker takes some time before starting the capture target, and the development of a "seizure after starting" still does not have sufficient reliability.

Budding guided missile CUDA is still on paper, and it was set up for service will still be quite a lot of time. But despite this, it is safe to say that in the case of the Cuda substantially change the type of air combat. Fighters will have a huge advantage: F-35 will be able to carry four AIM-120 missiles, and the same on the inside of the suspension Cuda, and F-22 — two AIM-9X with thermal homing head, four Cuda and four AIM-120. From 8 to 10 missiles — not weak arsenal, especially when you consider that they are all located in the inner compartments.

Prospective guided missile CUDA air-to-air

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